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Valery Kuzin: I on - former understand basketball

past Saturday in Perm have passed otchetno - elective conference Russian fede
  Valery Kuzin: I on - former understand basketball
past Saturday in Perm has passed otchetno - elective conference of the Russian Federation of basketball (RFB). VALERY of COUSINS has reserved the post of the president of federation - delegates have re-elected it unanimously. However, it was simple to predict such result as a nominee of the mister the Cousin was unique. With president RFB the correspondent " has had a talk; the Businessman DMITRY - VOSKRESENSKY.

- One week ago representatives of basketball club of CSKA have acted with sharp statements to management RFB and personally you. It was told, in particular, about crisis in the Russian basketball and necessity of cardinal changes...
- in many respects that was told and written last weeks, is caused by the emotions accompanying transition of Sergey Panova from CSKA in Ural Mountains - Grejt . To tell the truth, me it is not absolutely clear, why the conflict parties have decided that RFB to take obliged in this case all responsibility on themselves. Actually the federation should not guarantee performance of obligations of the player before club. There is an employer, there is a worker, and is simply ridiculous, when obligations between them why - that are guaranteed by the third organisation. Has put here not in crisis of basketball and not in RFB. Simply our legislation does not regulate properly similar situations.
in general, from all this sensation at people it is created prevratnoe impression about basketball development in Russia. As - that it became accepted to abuse constantly us, and about everything that is created in the same NBA, to speak only in laudatory tone. But after all and RFB is not idle., Of course, it is more difficult to us to move forward, than to Americans and Europeans, but all - taki we do much.
- you believe, some not absolutely truly imagine, what such RFB?
- Yes. Why - that is considered that RFB are three - four clubs of the Superleague, and only man`s. It is incorrect. RFB are hundreds basketball players, in which number nurseries, student`s, women`s teams. Besides, it is necessary for us to care of several national teams. As to the Superleague the operative management of it carries out executive committee. So to bring down all on RFB it is wrong. Though it does not mean that we decline all responsibility.
- whether you on a five-ball scale can estimate the work for the last term?
- the four with a minus. As to our omissions they are connected first of all with television. It is serious. Unfortunately, nepatriotichnost our television it is connected not only with basketball, but also with football, and with other sports. With the similar approach to illumination of competitions it is difficult to make something reasonable. However, I will underline that it is a shared problem.
- that has surprised you, has pleased at conference most of all?
- first of all self-discipline of delegates. That dirt which has been poured out for last two weeks on pages of newspapers, remained not noticed. It is pleasant that constructibility has appeared more preferably empty sotrjasanija air.
- statements of opposition what mister Kuzin does nothing for the Russian basketball, he in it understands nothing, he only and thinks how to become the president of the Olympic committee, you touch?
- me they at all do not touch. In this case president Kuzin does not do what wanted by concrete people. But same does not mean that president RFB in general does nothing! By the way, they - that on conference were not. As to charges in my address they are ridiculous and ridiculous. Simply there is a theme which can be exaggerated today, here and start to mill the wind. But remember, when two and a half a year back me were selected by these people, they said that I understand basketball. And now here is not present. Strange it, isn`t that so?