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To clients SBS - agro: the public offer

After August, 1998 my name was declined in every possible way. Reasonings of people pros
  to Clients SBS - agro: the public offer
After August, 1998 my name was declined in every possible way. Reasonings of people are simple and naive - times cannot return money, so, is dishonest. But unless it I suddenly obvalil the rouble four times also has refused to pay under state credit obligations? Till August, 1998 the country lived by one rules and suddenly they at once became others. Bank business, young, not skilled, in something adventurous has most painfully reacted to it. Hundreds banks were ruined and, unfortunately, among them it has appeared SBS - agro.
However I was not going to remove responsibility from myself and I do not gather. Any operations with money are connected with numerous risks, especially when in economy there are reforms. And all of us - especially bankers - should understand and expect it. As early as the whole year after default SBS - agro earned money and repaid debts. Former management, as though it did not abuse, without assistance has provided return to private investors of 500 million dollars. In August of last year the state took bank under the control. For a year under command ARKO to private investors it is returned too 500 million - but already roubles.
today almost all branches of bank are closed, and the head office spends the money intended to investors, for the expensive managers. Though and now resources of bank and ARKO, initially intended to investors, more than are sufficient for the decision of their problems. After recent meeting of creditors of bank it became obvious that actions of new heads SBS - agro are directed basically on making silent a great bulk of small investors. Money has returned only to what contributions do not exceed 20 thousand roubles. Certainly, this overwhelming majority of investors of bank. But than worse the others, those who stored in bank of more 20 thousand roubles and to whom now promise to stretch payments for 20 years? It seems that the answer to this question excites nobody.

Fault and sense of guilt - concepts different. The first is not present, but the second - too much. And the main reason that on me in insult those people with whom I worked all past decade, dews, developed. Those investors with whom I built both own, and their personal business. And now I have a huge requirement to make that it was not possible to finish. I consider necessary to be explained and make some proposals.
me, Alexander Smolensky know as the person in 1989 opened the private bank first in the country, many remember his name - Capital . And by means of Muscovites, thanking their trust, at our command all has turned out. The bank bore new culture of financial service, and clients willingly accepted it. Names of the first Russian bankers at that time did not descend from pages of newspapers, and clients argued, where it is better than a condition - in the Bridge, Inkombanke or Capital. If not those times which have made my name for the ordinary person by the same financial symbol as savings bank, hardly probable to someone would come to mind to name Smolensk the hero of a default . After all nobody connects a default of the Savings Bank and depreciation of contributions of its clients with names of those who supervised over it in 1992. These people have created nothing also them nobody remembers.
gradually our business has outgrown frameworks of Moscow, the bank has moved to regions, there, where people of concept had no that such a plastic card, a cash dispense... It was Already capital bank of savings - SBS. From it I have come to the most ambitious my project - to bank SBS - agro.
from Soviet period the agriculture was considered a black hole . I started with another. Russia - on third agrarian country, the population spends for foodstuff not less than 60 % of means. The foodstuffs - everyday and nothing zamenimyj the goods giving the biggest and stable financial stream. I believed that if SBS will buy Agroprombank going to a bottom through its branches, but with our technologies, it will be possible to inform bank culture to village and to transform population savings into effectively working investments.
and before crisis of 1998 SBS - agro, really, was strong bank with the first class actives and a wide filial network. Quality of its services was up to standard of the world standards that the first class auditor companies confirmed. We were not engaged in financial pyramids, staking on work with real sector of economy. I repent, in 1996 - 1998 I felt myself as the statesman in much bolshej degrees, rather than the businessman and the financier. Having got into gear on maintenance of food safety of Russia, I have started to co-operate with the Government and other state structures closely. But the program of reforming of village which started in 1997 and has been calculated till 2003, has died in August, 1998, just on the eve of harvesting and return of credits to bank. That it was known to all further...

the end of the year Comes nearer, the XX-th century comes to an end, leaves last second millenium. All of us very much were tired of bad news and a presentiment of the next accidents. I want to try to solve one concrete problem. It is time to put end under so-called history of deceived investors SBS - agro.
My offers are addressed to 20 thousand investors which have already despaired to return the means. I consider necessary to offer them though any alternative to that does ARKO and that has been stated them at meeting of creditors SBS - agro.
To each of investors SBS - agro at me the offers. They cannot publicly be discussed, as concern money of another`s people that in itself is confidential. Certainly, it is necessary to understand and that my possibilities are not boundless. However progress which to us already was possible to reach in settlement of questions at issue with many solid private clients SBS - agro, prompts to me that time with offers and to wider audience has come to address. My representatives are ready to start negotiations with everyone who still had not returned means, and on an individual basis to find the mutually acceptable decision.
with that end in view I have taken care of that in a number of places points " have been opened; Hot line with multichannel phones where the qualified experts could carry on negotiations with all interested persons.
I inform phones - 960 - 28 - 78 and 960 - 28 - 79. They will be included since February, 1st, 2001. My offer will operate till March, 1st.
to me it is thought that we will find common language and we will come to effective decisions. If counter offers from party ARKO become a by-product of my public offer to investors, it only will do good to investors. All at whom the reason will prevail over emotions, I invite to cooperation.