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Victor Gerashchenko remains

Yesterday Vladimir Putin has met in private Victor Gerashchenko. Their personal
  Victor Gerashchenko remains
Yesterday Vladimir Putin has met in private Victor Gerashchenko. Their personal meeting became the conflict situation necessary for the permission which have developed round preparing new edition of the law on the Central Bank after the president has made the amendments. The meeting has ended in favour of the chairman of the Central Bank - the commission with participation of representatives of the Central Bank, presidential administration and the Duma which will co-ordinate amendments is created.

In bank community of the amendment in the law on the Central Banks brought by Vladimir Putin, have regarded as a sign on that the era of Victor Gerashchenko has ended. The bases for such conclusion were powerful: In - the first, the president has specified the Central Bank status, naming its state institution. And it means that mutual relations of bank with executive power change also former independence of the Central Bank any more does not possess. In - the second, the president considers that the Central Bank is obliged to leave capitals of commercial banks. If this requirement to compare with plans to concentrate state resources in three - four State Banks leaves that the government, supervising these banks, becomes the most powerful player in the bank market.
Victor Gerashchenko - the person not simply more than authoritative in the bank world, but also weaned to someone to submit. So with the big share of probability it is possible to assume that, going to the Kremlin (the meeting, by the way, has taken place at the initiative of the banker), it was ready to leave the post.
yesterday conversation of the president with the banker to orgvyvodov has not reached. Though, according to people from Victor Gerashchenko`s environment, in the presidential safe from the beginning of year the application on resignation of the chairman of the Central Bank lies, and date on it is not necessary - so Victor Gerashchenko has in a pointed manner answered Vladimir Putin`s made at ordinary session of the government the insignificant remark.
in an office of the president Victor Gerashchenko proved that the infringement of independence of the Central Bank not only basically is incorrect, as bank actions should not be subject to a political conjuncture, but also it is dangerous. In the literal sense: if the Central Bank appears dependent on the government business Noga will develop with great strides, arrests of accounts will renew, and will achieve their removal much more difficult.
the president has conceded. Though formally Vladimir Putin is not going to withdraw the amendments, actually them is solved pereformulirovat so that independence of the Central Bank has not suffered. It will be carried out in the traditional way: The conciliatory commission, which for certain zaretushiruet sharpest of presidential amendments is created. Representatives of the Central Bank will defend positions of the chief, and deputies, under the certificate of the chairman of bank committee of Alexander Shokhin, are already ready to to compromise formulations . To the head of the main state legal department to Larissa Brychevoj representing presidential administration, just right to think not of the law, and on that, as though most to avoid orgvyvodov.
that the Central Bank is time to turn off the participation in commercial banks, Victor Gerashchenko did not argue. Rather curious picture turns out. The Central Bank has defended the independence, but in immediate prospects the person of the Russian bank system will be defined by the State Banks. If at appointment in state bankers Victor Gerashchenko`s opinion is solving at them with the president the strategic union is possible. Between them it is a lot of general: That and another - statesmen, but now profess principles of liberal economy (more likely on pragmatical, than for the ideological reasons). Victor Gerashchenko agrees to emit exactly so much roubles, how many it is necessary for purchase of petrodollars, - until the prices for oil zaoblachno are high. Vladimir Putin believes that liberalism will provide economic growth, - until the economy grows. It grows mainly from - for the high prices for oil and vbrosa in economy of roubles, for which Central Bank buys dollars. So, when the prices for oil will fall, the president and the banker can develop economic policy. On 180 .