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Zavgaevtsev the Chechen saboteurs have accepted for baraevtsev

have appeared philanthropists
  Zavgaevtsev have accepted for baraevtsev
the Chechen saboteurs have appeared philanthropists

More than 20 Chechens have been detained in the Volgograd region on suspicion in preparation of acts of terrorism and kidnapping. As have declared to correspondent VALERY - to TSYGANKOV in the area Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, law enforcement bodies have an information that this group has been directed from the Chechen Republic by field commander Arbi Baraevym. At the same time arrested persons the majority from which have soon released, declare that they are supporters of the federal authority.

Law enforcement officers rather reluctantly make comments on the special action carried out in area. Press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and UFSB have informed only that participants of diversionary group which was directed to Volgograd by the known field commander and kidnapper Arbi Baraev have been detained. Saboteurs should organise explosions and captures of hostages. But employees of special services have in due time received the information on group and have detained its participants.
from 20 arrested persons I know a three, - the head of the Sanhedrim of the Volgograd regional society ` Bart - the Consent ` has declared Vahid Shamaev. - Anybody from them cannot be the terrorist. Here before you one of them - Isa Alaev. At Nikolay Koshman it was the representative of the Chechen republic in the Volgograd region. Now, in coordination with regional administration, is engaged in delivery of the humanitarian help to the Chechen Republic. And it have taken away at night as terrorist, and eight hours " have kept locked up;.
According to Isy Alaeva who, by the way, is the native nephew to Dock Zavgaeva, to it and have not shown any explanations and charges: both took, and have released. the militiamen who have taken away me from the house at two o`clock in the morning, of course, have not apologised, - Alaev tells. - One of them even has reproached, having told: ` From - for you my daughter me seldom sees `. I have answered it: ` And my children see, how you chase their father with the automatic machine in hands ` .
Elders of the Volgograd Chechens (in local diaspora of 67 thousand persons) consider that they unfairly are exposed to persecutions from local law enforcement bodies. In the summer Vahid Shamaev has been detained with hemp and a grenade . But then the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges against 11 militiamen: under the statement of Shamaeva, drugs and a grenade to it have thrown. Business However, zavislo . Elders speak: Ten years we live in fear and hatred, suffering equally from Russian militiamen and gangsters - fellow countrymen .
Concerning arrest of the fellow countrymen Shamaev has already addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor and administration of the region, but the answer therefrom has not followed yet.