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Sergey`s marshal has departed forward the president

To Baku
  Sergey`s Marshal has departed forward the president
In Baku

Last night to Baku there has arrived the Minister of Defence of Russia Igor Sergeev. On the one hand, its trip urged to prepare repeatedly postponed visit to Azerbaijan the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, and with another - at marshal Sergeeva will be much purely military problems for discussion with the Azerbaijan colleagues.

Sergey`s Marshal has stopped off at Baku on the way to Teheran. But not to take rest. Prospects of activization Russian - Iranian military - technical cooperation disturb recently Washington, and Azerbaijan gravitating in defensive questions to the USA and the NATO more and more, can serve some kind of a touchstone before the beginning of negotiations with Teheran.
besides, marshal Sergeevu should discuss today and variety of bilateral questions, many of which last years create intensity in relations between our countries. Among them - deliveries of the Russian weapon of Armenia (in Azerbaijan persistent hearings go that the Russian weapon and the military technology deduced from territory of Georgia, straight go in Nagornyj Karabah).
And the most essential problem in which permission Russia is terribly interested, - destiny of Gabalinsky radar station. Azerbaijan disagrees on giving to it of the status of the Russian military base, and creation new RLS where - that in the Russian territory would mean time loss, huge material inputs and sharp decrease in overall performance for Russia: the new station should be built to the north from the Big Caucasian ridge that will not allow to carry out effective tracking air space of Transcaucasia and the Near East.