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Garik Sukachyov has said goodbye to youth

Garik Sukachyov has noted in Olympic pjatnadtsatiletie creative the figure
  Garik Sukachyov has said goodbye to youth
Garik Sukachyov has noted in Olympic pjatnadtsatiletie the creative activity.

Garik was thoroughly prepared For the benefit performance. Has collected almost all with whom played to the Brigade With and Untouchable including Sergey Galanin with whom throughout long time clashed. Has anew studied songs which already it is a lot of years at concerts did not play. Also has established on a scene something like the stylised Mausoleum on which the logo " flaunted; Brigades With .
the Idea of action was not so much in celebration deserved rokera, how many in farewell with rokerskoj youth. Sukachyov itself has noted the farewell moment, having connected it why - that with approach of a new millenium, and has started singing the well-known insurgents Brigades With - the Tramp the Person in a hat legendary Small bejbu . One songs have sounded though and with very bad sound (which it was not corrected during all concert), but is quite modern. And the spectators facing a scene, have started to twitch inertly. Others, on the contrary, have appeared for a modern ear too abstruse. And Garik itself from a scene has told that all was written it for a long time and after years not all continues to sound.
but continues to look perfectly. Two shock installations and two drummers behind them, three girls in evening dresses on podpevkah and picturesque Sergey Galanin whom as standing near to Sukachyov the bass - the guitarist looked much better, than in a role of the leader of own group the Earring in which it had to reincarnate, when the block of songs Brigades With has ended.
during short performance Earrings Garik has changed clothes and has resulted on a scene Untouchable . By this moment on a back the symbol of this group - a palm in the crossed out circle already hung. Have sung songs, which, probably, best of everything, Garik the written: shrill Olga Eregirovannyj with firm obscene garikovskim show, is defensible pathos Give to drink me water . At this time together with Sukachyov on a scene the most dear shone Untouchable - guitarist Sergey Voronov and the keyboard player/ akkordeonist Rushan Ajupov. Public was got all more strongly and more strongly.
but here on a scene were pulled special guests. At first there was old colleague Sukachyov Alexander F.Sklyar - in points and a dark hat. With it Garik has thought up in due time a duet the Boatswain and the tramp . Their joint songs, especially Behind a window month May and I learn darling on gait have caused then splash in national love to two rokeram. But have not caused it in a hall Olympic . After Sklyar which, however, with a scene to leave did not hurry up, the turn of two unseparable groups - " has come recently; Revivals and Time machines . These sang songs of own composition, much more thoughtful and philosophical, than that Garik, and much less pertinent sings. Atmosphere became more and more chaotic, on a scene the set of the musicians who were not understanding, apparently, to leave by it has accumulated or to remain.
the Concert by that moment went the third hour, public was tired, and not sung songs too almost does not remain. An encore have played without traditional leaving from a scene and have finished thus Garik Sukachyov`s benefit performance. On which almost all was correct, without the slightest hack-work, and a song were sung remarkable, but the show termination in Olympic should cause in its participants only a simplification sigh.