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Song about a hare

On Sunday on the fringe of the forest in village vicinities Mihajlovsky Pskov oblast
  the Song about a hare
On Sunday on the fringe of the forest in village vicinities Mihajlovsky the Pskov area the monument to a hare is established. To that which has stolen a march 175 years ago on Pushkin, gathered was to Petersburg.

Pushkin was small growth and very much was afraid of hares. Once in the winter he has decided to visit December revolt of Decembrists in Petersburg. Villages also has gone. Only has climbed down a mountain, sees on a milestone the hare sits. Pushkin very much was frightened and has immediately turned back home, and has returned back to the Great Russian Literature . Such is the history retold smehachem by Daniel Kharms as a joke.
As it there was actually in the December afternoon, it is now really unimportant. Whether the hare has stolen a march, the priest has passed, or both that and another in one day how Pushkin wrote about it? Scientists have not understood till now, what for the poet has suddenly gathered that winter to Petersburg where akkurat Decembrists at this time have risen. Whether to them how like to represent in school textbooks? Or to A. P.Kern from whom there was a written arrangement on a meeting?
Pushkin`s light name would not like today a little - malskaja gravity. The scientific conference which has anticipated opening of a monument has convinced of it. Reports were modest, and their maintenance basically was reduced to a question and whether there was a hare? the offer has sounded even to investigate sense of a sign when the hare cuts off to the priest or on the contrary, and also erotic aspects of the phenomenon of a hare in Pushkin`s creativity.
writers Andrey Bitov and artist Rezo Gabriadze (the author of the well-known monument have conceived to put the Monument to a hare to a siskin in Petersburg). A place for a hare chose during long walks on vicinities Mihajlovsky. The new director of Pushkin memorial estate George Vasilevich known for the innovative projects on modernisation pushkinogorja, has supported idea. Architect Alexander Velikanov has modeled a bronze hare full-scale. In due time the representative group of the Moscow and Petersburg Pushkin scholars accompanied by a vehicle with moonshine and sandwiches has arrived to a place.
any coverlets from a monument did not break. Have simply taken from a bag bronze slanting and have set up on a milestone, having assigned to it fur-tree wreaths, a head of cabbage and the cut carrots. Repeated hurrah Under a dense snowfall and 40 - gradusnyj a drink became deification of action after which all doubts apropos bredovosti inventions, certainly, have vanished. However, these doubts tormented the few: to idea of a monument already more than five years. The initiative group regularly gathered all these years in Mihajlovsky.
In a barn mihajlovskoj manors after monument opening the exhibition mitkov " has opened; About Zaek : knitted winter caps with Olga Florensky`s hare ears, the scheme of digestion of a hare, according to which everything that it uses, turns to alcohol which immediately arrives in blood and consequently a plait always tipsy . A monument after opening have immediately cleaned, being afraid for destiny of expensive bronze. Instead of it on this place there will be a granite milestone, and a bronze hare, as well as it is necessary to the virtual character, will appear only on holidays.
So the private art project of two dear art workers has expanded before cultural event. Occurrence of a monument to a hare convinces of thought to which, seemingly, it is time to reconcile. Cultural life in Russia today any more a state prerogative, and business especially private. As well as Pushkin after died down 200 - letija any more more than an occasion to country walks of capital intelligency.