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Reputation of the tax specialist the water drain

has damped Omsk regional court has sentenced the former chief of tax inspection of a city
  the Reputation of the tax specialist was damped by the water drain
the Omsk regional court has sentenced the former chief of tax inspection of a city Vladimir Fedorenko to three years of imprisonment and has there and then released it on amnesty. Neither accused, nor this decision has not satisfied Office of Public Prosecutor.

In the beginning of July, 1999 the chief of tax inspection of Omsk Vladimir Fedorenko has been accused of reception of a bribe and placed in a pre-trial detention centre (wrote about it). In 1997 the municipal enterprise the Water canal has brought to its cottage a sewer pipe in length of 260 metres, without taking for it copecks. All works under instructions of the director Water canal Gennady Leonov have been carried into the account of repair of treatment facilities. OBEP and Office of Public Prosecutor have filed criminal charges, having counted it is the latent form of a bribe.
mister Fedorenko headed tax inspection of Omsk from the date of its basis. As it was found out during the investigation, in this time, except a water drain lining, it, for example, has favourably enough exchanged apartment: has handed over to building trust #5 three-room and has received new four-room apartment. Inspectors also have regarded it as a bribe.
however during judicial session of charge of a consequence have started to be scattered one behind another. Judge Nikolay Garkusha and did not manage to establish that action of prospective bribers have brought it any benefit. Therefore all charges in bribery have been removed from defendant Fedorenko. The sentence to head of tax inspection of a city who free of charge used various expensive services, has been taken out upon Compulsions of the director ` the Water canal ` to plunder in favour of the defendant of material assets and enterprise means .
As a result Vladimir Fedorenko instead of eight and a half years of imprisonment which the public prosecutor demanded, has been sentenced only to three years. Besides article on which mister Fedorenko has been condemned, falls under amnesty, and it have released from - under guards directly in a court hall. However, the court has obliged him to compensate put to the Water canal a damage in 12 thousand rbl.
Clearing, apparently, has appeared unexpected for the defendant and its relatives - the spouse of mister Fedorenko at all has not brought to it warm clothes, and amnestied has gone out of doors in a jeans jacket. From a porch of a building of court mister Fedorenko has declared to journalists that it will return the good name as soon as will restore health after almost one and a half years of stay in a pre-trial detention centre. However, the Office of Public Prosecutor also is dissatisfied too soft, in its opinion, a sentence and intends to appeal against against it in higher instances.