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We tried, that all has been opened and is public

how deputies received long-awaited apartments, to correspondent DMITRY
  We tried, that all has been opened and is public
how deputies received long-awaited apartments, to correspondent DMITRY - KAMYSHEVU has told vitse - the speaker of the State Duma VLADIMIR AVERCHENKO.

- As distribution of apartments was carried out?
- Under the decision of the State Duma Council questions of maintenance have been charged by habitation to me. I have created the commission with participation of employees of an administrative office of the Duma and representatives of all fractions. We according to requirement of deputies have distributed the apartments allocated to the Duma between fractions. Particularly on each deputy questions dared in fractions. Then petitions of fractions were considered by committee on regulations and the organisation of work of the Duma. After that documents went to Administrative Department of the President. We tried, that all has been opened and is public, therefore we did not have any conflict situations.
- and what result of this work?
- the majority of deputies was handed over by necessary documents. Some, truth, then have refused apartments. 122 business are sent in Administrative Department of the President, on 57 there are questions (to completeness of documents or their form). 20 affairs are on consideration in committee on regulations, the others - on registration in the State Duma administrative office. Warrants are made out by the order on Administrative Department of the President.
- and why some deputies have withdrawn demands?
- they do not speak, but I think, the reasons different. Someone is selected in governors, someone was convinced that its requirements are wrongful. It is normal process, without any scandalous shade. And besides it is single instances.
- and whether there are deputies whom how was in last Dumas, it is allocated on two or more apartments?
- is not present, allocate only on one. In the house there are apartments from one to five rooms, therefore requirements of deputies with families on 7 - 8 persons are closed by the big apartments.
- there are any requirements on relationship degree to the members of a family having the right to residing with the deputy?
- the housing legislation and the position confirmed by Administrative Department of the President, accurately define that minor children, the full age children who do not have the families, and parents concern members of a family of the deputy, on a state of health needing leaving registered on a residence together with it. A point. Is, truth, deputies who try to bypass rules. One, for example, has included in a family of the brother of the wife. But we have not passed it, certainly. If to give to one others will want also.
- apartments are already arranged by furniture?
- equipment of office accommodations by furniture and stock is made by department financially - technical maintenance of Administrative Department of the President. There normal level of furnish, is telecommunication, on a staircase the general strut of communication the Internet, underground garage. But garage in the complete set does not enter: the deputy can rent it, but its this private affair.
- to pay for garage it is necessary for an administrative office?
- is not present, not to management as it is the usual commercial house in which the administrative office has bought apartments. There there are also other services, to use them it is possible on a commercial basis if there is a desire.
- whether apartments for all needing will suffice?
- we have questions on 18 deputies on whom the Administrative Department of the President has satisfied our inquiries not in full. Now we are engaged in it. As the house was not under construction specially for deputies, there is a regrading problem. We will admit, the administrative office has allocated two-room apartment, and at the deputy the family has increased, and it has not enough of it.
- whether There is a guarantee what the history with deputies of last convocations who have refused to hand over the office habitation upon termination of a term of appointment will not repeat?
- after reception of the office warrant tenants conclude with the organisation on operation of available housing the contract on an order of using office accommodation that was not earlier. This contract allows to move the deputy upon termination of powers.
- and whether settling of new deputies depends on that, will hand over or not apartments their predecessors?
- is not present, these are questions not crossed. The problem of returning of apartments will dare Administrative Department of the President and the State Duma administrative office according to the law - that is all will be moved.
- you can firmly tell, what this year the housing problem in the Duma will be definitively solved?
- I hope, it will be completely solved in October.