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The sonny of Kuban

In Krasnodar territory is registered the future governor
  the Sonny of Kuban
In Krasnodar territory the future governor

Members of the Krasnodar electoral committee had to worry enough yesterday. Reception of subscription lists came to the end, but almost till the evening by the unique candidate for governors the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Tkachev that threatened elections has been registered only.

Till the latest moment waited for subscription lists from three candidates: general directors of joint-stock company Spetsenergoservis Igor Kramarenko, the assistant to the head physician of regional diagnostic centre Martirosa Oganesyan and the deputy of the State Duma Vasily Teterin. Before electoral committee closing there were 15 minutes when authorised representatives of first two candidates delivered documents. If they were late, the elections of the governor appointed for December, 3rd, it should to cancel. According to local observers, both candidates - partners of deputy Tkacheva, and their registration it is necessary to insure elections from bezalternativnosti. The third applicant was late, and its documents have not accepted.
after registration of candidates has crowned success, prevent a victory of mister Tkacheva only low appearance of voters can. Forces which can promote it, in edge are available. The deputy is put forward by movement Fatherland headed by operating governor of edge, the Kuban father Nikolay Kondratenko. The nearest environment of the head of edge expects to remain at power change with the places. The chief of a selective staff of candidate Tkacheva is Ivan Harchenko, the son vitse - governor Nikolay Harchenko (to its influence attribute outbursts of the governor rather zhidomasonskogo plot ) .
However at members Fatherland there is no unity concerning Kondratenko`s official successor. The part from them is ready to boycott these elections that in case of appointment repeated to propose a candidature independent of Moscow as the figure of deputy Tkacheva quite suits the Kremlin as replacement to governor Kondratenko. As speak on village about the major candidate, the sonny will sell Kuban wholesale and retail . The sonny of mister Tkacheva father Kondrat named, and peasants have given it other nickname - Begunok rouble twenty. It is connected by that the candidate has had time to visit a member of the majority of existing parties and is ready, according to peasants, to take under a peak by the first word of the higher heads, without forgetting, however, about personal interests. Number one on Kuban is considered the main interest of the candidate an agrocomplex Vyselkovsky . This powerful agrofirm has been created by mister Tkachevym and its big brother. Now the senior operates it, and younger skilfully lobbies family business at federal level and, probably, hopes to continue this practice and in a role of the Kuban governor.