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Ano de la Revolucion victoriosa en el nuevo milenio
in a new millenium
the Cuban revolution passes Year of victorious Revolution in a new century under a victory banner, and it should lead to the major political consequences. We enter into a new century and in a new millenium rallied together. This new stage of history will be victorious not only for our people, but also for the majority of people in the world, our head Fidel Castro (Fidel Castro) has underlined in the speech at regular session of National assembly.
In the end of session deputies of assembly have made decision to appropriate 2001 a name of Year of victorious revolution in a new millenium. Deputies also have directed the congratulatory message turned to all Cuban people, and first of all to youth which urged to take the most active part in our struggle.
leaving 2000 has been named by the period of unknown lifting. The reason of it not only in the economic results reached in the most various areas, but also in self-denying struggle for our ideals, and also in development of cultural life of the country.
having listened to the reports read by the Minister of Economics and planning by Jose Luis Rodriguez (Jose Luis Rodriguez) both the Minister of Finance and the prices of Manuelem Miljaresom (Manuel Millares), the assembly has passed to an estimation of indicators of the expiring year and to discussion of the project of the plan for 2001, developed by the various parliamentary commissions and committees.

Will reach qualitatively new level of development
Despite difficulties of strategic and economic character which our people this year have faced, the population standard of living became considerably above. On it has informed Jose Luis Rodriguez. And according to Manuelja Miljaresa, the budget of 2001 on 6,5 % will exceed indicators of year leaving. The minister has underlined also that is necessary to achieve performance of the tax obligations taken on some enterprises. Without it the budget cannot receive 13,5 mlrd peso (at an internal course 1 Cuban peso = $1.-) for payment of operational expenditure, and also 1,7 mlrd the peso, provided for direct state investments.
more than 6,2 mlrd the peso (that is about 62 % of all budgetary expenses) is supposed to be spent for educational programs, public health services, payment of pensions and social benefits. On social security it will be spent 605 million peso, and for payment of pensions and grants - 1,8 mlrd peso. The duty of distribution of this money is assigned more than on 200 organisations which are engaged in the help to older persons and invalids.
building and public utilities will receive 769 million the peso which part will go to the state available housing, and a part (about 40 %) on is repair - travel expenses.
the sum of 311 million peso, that is on 85 million more than in leaving year, the budget assumes to spend for culture development. Here enter also introduction of new technologies into radio and television, information field expansion, news service perfection, improvement of quality of an announcement and increase in a variety of programs.
expenses on sports and physical culture are supposed to be raised on 9,5 % in comparison with 2000. With special attention and the new budget concerns development of a science and technics. 79 million peso it is allocated for performance of the major programs directed on the further development of sugar industry, agricultural biotechnologies, manufacture of biotechnological products and foodstuff. Within the limits of the same article of the budget such branches, as immunology, power, ecology and others will develop.
755 million peso it will be spent for maintenance of the low prices for the products entering into an average consumer`s basket, and also on industrial consumer goods.
in conclusion of the speech the Minister of Finance and the prices has underlined that if to compare Cuba to neighbours in region, it becomes obvious that in our country for social needs - formation, national culture, public health services, sports - is spent much more money, than in those countries where the neoliberal ideology corrects. There the main accent becomes on economic growth while social values are removed on the second plan.

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