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The astrological forecast

Wednesday, on December, 27th
  the Astrological forecast
Wednesday, on December, 27th

Today is very similar to the yesterday`s. More precisely, first half of environment, where - that to 14 will be the twin of Tuesday. 00 - it perfectly approaches for performance of serious affairs, visits to the heads and officials, decisions of problems with partners. By the way, it is a high time to repay debts to the state - pay taxes. Besides, in first half of day it is good to communicate with parents.
but after 14. 00 period unpleasant enough for business begins. At people absolutely unbusinesslike spirit (it it is possible to name holiday). Many will come up against a situation when partners refuse to fulfil the promises.
do not expect much to be in time in second half of day. And especially do not think that the planned affairs will go smoothly. Categorically it is not necessary to begin new affairs. Besides, not time for negotiations. Watch for by the own words, today it is better not to give promises to partners. And yet it is not necessary to speak in love and especially to do matrimonial offers.
ARIESES, it is obvious not your day. You operate inattentively, make incorrect decisions, your business activity everywhere is perceived in bayonets. Refrain today from acceptance of serious decisions, be engaged in current work.
and here for TAURUSES all will develop very well. It will be easy to you to perform the most difficult work. Wait for stabilisation in all - in money, in personal and business relations... Recently begun projects will start to bring in incomes.
for TWINS not the best period, instability time in business and deceits. It is not necessary to trust new partners. These days it is not necessary to change work, to type new employees. Besides, on Wednesday it is better not to appear before light eyes of the heads.
today it is time to CANCERS to consider new offers, including concerning changes of a place of the appendix of work. Among them for certain will appear perspective. Also it is a high time to be engaged in business expansion, to search for new sources of incomes.
LIONS should not make extravagant decisions, and also to develop rough activity on work. Do not prove to associates of the correctness, try to concern criticism objectively. To you can seem that you underestimate, however try to keep silent.
at MAIDENS excellent day for business, your positions will become stronger on all directions. You are convinced of reliability of the partners and perspectivity of projects. Today it is very good to enter into the agreements connected with real estate. Besides, this time of stabilisation in personal relations.
at SCALES - day of obstacles, initiative restrictions. If you see that someone to you disturbs in any business, it is better while this business to postpone. Today it is not necessary to argue with the heads and to convince of the correctness of partners.
at SCORPIONS this day all should turn out, you can quickly accustom even with that work which till now did not understand belmesa. Excellent time for development and strengthening of partner relations. First half of day will be especially successful.
SAGITTARIUSES, try to spend this day as it is possible more silently. Refrain from initiative display - all the same today nobody will understand you and will not apprehend seriously. Also not time to be engaged in perspective projects.
at CAPRICORNS all will be remarkable. Hope for realisation of the plans, you will manage to execute everything that you have conceived. Besides, it is time to sum up year. Also remember, all tails it is better to clean today. And further it is possible to celebrate safely!
to AQUARIUS not time to show activity in business, it is necessary to refuse financial operations in general. These days do not think at all of change of a place of work. In private life try not to remember old, in the nearest future you are waited by new romantic hobby.
it is time to FISHES to finish old affairs. On an extreme measure, it can bring to you today success. Very good time for summarising. Besides, already it is time to plan on the future.

Thursday, on December, 28th
On Thursday the Moon in Aquarius so, all of us we will be extremely sociable. This day it is good to be busy about the house, prepare for future holidays, to buy gifts. Ideal time for a meeting with friends.
and now about the main thing. You, probably, have already relaxed, have decided that for business this day quite wretchedly the bad. Meanwhile Thursday - very successful time for commerce. And for most that on is serious affairs. For example, it is good to begin new affairs, to discuss new ideas and projects. Is better, if they have long-term character.
tomorrow is ideally suited for negotiating, signing of documents. Has come it is time to be engaged in directions essentially new to your business.
in second half of day well to go on shops. And, choosing something for itself or relatives, be not afraid to seem unduly original.
ARIESES, safely discuss new projects.
TAURUSES will receive interesting offers from partners.
TWINS should work on prospect.
CANCERS do not have bases for optimism.
at Lvov analytical work will perfectly go.
it is better to MAIDENS not to risk.
SCALES, your ill-wishers become more active, wait for dirty tricks from their party.
at SCORPIONS meetings with partners can break.
SAGITTARIUSES should not be married to the job.
to CAPRICORNS well not to conclude new agreements.
it is time to AQUARIUS to show aggressiveness in affairs.
FISHES should be accurater with money.