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The president will send men

On military gathering
  the President will send men
On military gathering

autumn conscription on December, 31st comes to an end. Young men can sigh easy: voenkomatchiki and militia will cease to chase them. Under the decree of the president signed one of these days, begin to catch their fathers. Because since January other appeal - on military gathering will begin.

Russians already also have forgotten that the Native land at any moment can send them anywhere. Also sends. One year ago Vladimir Putin, hardly having received reins of government in the hands, has published in January the decree about gathering. Boris Yeltsin too signed such decrees, but say that for nine years of its board of money for gathering never send.
How many reservists have been called under the decree of 2000, it is precisely not known. Because two its points were formulated as for office using . Most likely, in one of them the corresponding figure also contained. It guarded, because citizens could not estimate probability of an appeal for themselves personally. It became even more terrible, when employees of military registration and enlistment offices have started to go on apartments and for work to reservists. However by the end of February activity of military registration and enlistment offices began to decrease sharply. Most likely, it has been called store rooms not so much.
How many it will be called next year, too for ever remains secret. In the presidential decree signed one of these days About an appeal of citizens of the Russian Federation staying in a stock, on military gathering in 2001 though there are no closed points, but also the number called too is not present. Under data, this time military registration and enlistment offices are adjusted resolutely. It and cards in hands: The president has tried to sign beforehand the decree though usually it became in the beginning of year. Effective cooperation with militia in the field of catching of men in streets and in the underground at military registration and enlistment offices is adjusted during an appeal on involuntary service (wrote about it on December, 21st). So can catch to begin though since January, 1st. Has celebrated New year - and next day it has appeared in a part. As in a film Hope you enjoyed your bath! only it is not ridiculous. For evasion from military gathering under the Criminal code it is necessary till two years of imprisonment.
However, nobody doubts that solid fathers of families will start to pay off like mad. Besides various conditions for delays and clearings of gathering the law on a conscription contains very interesting norm: the Military commissioner has the right to release the citizen from an appeal on military gathering in the presence of good reasons . Probably, among reservists there will be many the well-founded and enterprising people, capable to create the reason which will respect voenkom.
Of the Minister of Defence assure what to call on gathering gather only what military specialities demand updating of knowledge and retraining. And it name the purpose of gathering. However the purpose actually other - struggle with neukomplektovannostju. The citizens considering that they will spend for army service no more than two months (such is a deadline of gathering), risk to ring out for three years. In military registration and enlistment offices to reservists take great pain to palm off contracts, using thus any means - from a deceit before intimidation.
thus, the state policy in military sphere looks strange enough. On the one hand, speak about radical reduction (in the end of October the president has declared that is going to reduce army to 600 thousand persons), with another - it in every possible way try to fill up. During a present appeal on involuntary service will go more than 191 thousand young men (at the time of Boris Yeltsin this figure, as a rule, was less, and autumn of 1998 has made all 158 thousand). And if the army cannot do without reservists in any way its appetites concerning usual recruits precisely will not be moderated.