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The Central Bank builds the empire, the government — the

Yesterday the chairman of the Duma committee on banks Alexander Shokhin has declared that pra
  the Central Bank builds the empire, the government - the
Yesterday the chairman of the Duma committee on banks Alexander Shokhin has declared that the government and the Central Bank at all are not engaged in bank reform. And it threatens any negotiations with the Parisian club about re-structuring of debts of the former USSR.

At us many directions of reform remind a known cartoon film ` the Hedgehog in a fog `. Except dim contours, it is visible nothing. The president next day after election in March has collected meeting on bank reform. It is enough nine months, that something to give birth - Alexander Shokhin was indignant yesterday. From - for disagreements of the government and the Central Bank till February the Duma will not have time to approve of the amendment to bank laws. Namely in February there comes term of the first large payment to the Parisian club. In the budget of money for it is not present. The government has started talking about conversion of debts in the investment. However the Parisian club will not sit down at all for a negotiating table without the IMF conclusion. But that the IMF has given OK to the Parisian club, just and it is necessary, according to mister Shokhin, to achieve shifts in bank reform and reform of natural monopolies .
Instead of shifts, according to the chairman of bank committee, the Central Bank and the government try to build up bank system so that by any reorganisation of the Central Bank and the government good people did not remain without good warm places . The Central Bank, for example, as well as it was planned, has started to leave the capitals zagranbankov. And to transfer the stock to affiliated Vneshtorgbanku (VTB). However this process was braked by bodies of bank supervision of the countries of a disposition roszagranbankov. And VTB, having received on purchase actions of the Central Bank of $700 million from the same Central Bank, at first has enclosed them in purchase the Bridge - bank, and then in the grand daughter the Central Bank - bank evrofinans (affiliated bank daughters the Central Bank Eurobank ) .
According to Alexander Shokhin, the Central Bank starts to come there where it should not be on the basis of market criteria : the Bridge - bank - the debtor of the Central Bank, it should be on sale on competition. And instead of it the Central Bank itself has given money for its repayment. Also it is not clear, what for the Central Bank has given $100 million on the repayment evrofinans . If VTB became the proprietor Eurobank together with evrofinans money would remain in Central Bank system. And so he buys bank from foreign bank under the status. And money remains in France. As Alexander Shokhin has declared, such operations that they were not inexpedient, should be spent under Duma control, differently at the Central Bank never will be profits. The budget where there are 50 % from it also will suffer.
in general, the conclusion of mister Shokhin is simple: the Central Bank instead of carrying out bank reform, is engaged in activity on strengthening of the empire. And the government is engaged in something similar, in particular, builds up system of the State Banks . However the government has already shown the full inconsistency as the body operating shares in the credit organisations . 30 banks with direct participation of the government and 400 - with mediated and have not passed inventory.
unlike the government Alexander Shokhin considers that it should participate all in several banks, for example in three - development Bank, Is export - import bank, Agricultural bank. It should be at all banks, and specialised exchequers through which the state would provide a recoupment of projects with participation of budgetary funds (lgotirovanie interest rates and etc.) . All other banks should be private. And those from them which will confirm high degree of reliability, will acquire the right to state guarantees under population contributions. Other banks will turn to financial settlements centres financially - industrial groups or in societies of the mutual credit.