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Moskomzajmu do not grant the right to a loan
Moskomzajmu do not grant the right to a loan

the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation yet does not give the permission of Moskomzajmu to release of eurobonds in volume of $295 million for their subsequent exchange for promissory notes before bank Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB). Head Moskomzajma Sergey Pahomov yesterday has informed On it. moskomzajm and CSFB in August of this year have signed the agreement on refinancing of the credit in volume of $295 million which Moscow should extinguish in 2002.
Interfax - Moscow

Moshennichestv with plastic cards became twice more
In Russia considerable growth of cases of swindle with the international plastic cards is observed. About it it is told in materials of V international conference Aspects of financial safety in bank payment systems at use of plastic cards . It was spent by Association of Russian members Europay and company UCS. In particular, according to VISA, the swindle volume c cards VISA in the first quarter 2000 has made $411,096 thousand, or 0,47 % from a turn. According to Europay, the volume of swindle with cards Eurocard/ MasterCard in the first quarter 2000 has made the little less than $300 thousand that exceeds 0,5 % from a turn. On the beginning of 1999 swindle level on cards of system Europay did not exceed 0,2 % from a turn, and on cards VISA - 0,16 % from a turn.
a prime - TASS

BUT give illegal privileges
to Administration closed administratively - territorial formations (BUT) in the first half of the year 2000 have given to the enterprises of a privilege for the sum 40 mlrd rbl. About it yesterday has informed vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin. As he said, in the first quarter 2000 the volume given BUT privileges was estimated in 12 mlrd rbl. of Vitse - the prime minister has reminded that, according to the law on the budget for 2000, administrations of all BUT, except for two, are deprived the right to give a privilege. However practice of granting BUT privileges proceeds that conducts to losses of the federal budget, has noted g - n Kudrin. He also has informed that has given the commission to the Ministry of the Russian Federation of taxes and tax collections and Federal Agency of tax police to work a question from the point of view of legality of granting of privileges in BUT.

agrarian and industrial complex Credits cause a damage to the state
the General size of a damage from allocation in 1996 - 1998 to agricultural manufacturers of credits of commercial banks under guarantees of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has made for November, 1st, 2000 16 - 19 mlrd rbl. It without inflation and a course change of rouble after crisis of 1998, and taking into account these factors - 80 - 90 mlrd rbl. Such data contains in the Audit Chamber report Following the results of check of completeness and timeliness of financing from the federal budget in 1996 - 1999 ` nonconventional ` methods (production) of agricultural manufacturers in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Open Society ` Rossahar `, Open Society ` Roshleboprodukt `, the state unitary enterprise ` Federal agency on regulation of the food market ` at the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and in separate regions . This report has been confirmed yesterday by Audit Chamber board. In it it is said that the organisations, having obtained credits through commercial banks under guarantees of the Ministry of Finance, have not paid off in due time under the obligations. As a result under contracts of the guarantee the Ministry of Finance extinguished these credits, including percent on them, at the expense of the budgetary funds intended for agrarian and industrial complex. Besides, monetary financing was replaced with production delivery at inflated prices, expenses for which purchase became covered by agricultural manufacturers. Only for January - May, 1996 in preparation and carrying out of spring sowing from agrarian and industrial complex financing 50 % from volume of annual financing have been distracted 3,5 mlrd rbl., or.

Lenenergo has refused from Bank of New York
joint-stock company Lenenergo Intend to sign over the weekend the agreement with bank JP Morgan about depozitarnom service American depozitarnyh receipts (ADR) the first level. The head of department has informed on it Lenenergo on work with shareholders and investors James Gerson. From party JP Morgan the document is already signed. Mister Gerson has noticed that the decision on appointment depozitariem on service ADR of bank JP Morgan (instead of Bank of New York as it was planned earlier) is connected by that JP Morgan is ready to cooperation with the Petersburg power company at once in several directions. According to James Gersona, JP Morgan yet is not the nominal holder of actions of the power company, but in the near future it becomes obligatory it .

Russia has given short investments
the Federal investment program for nine months of current year is executed only on 47,3 % from the volume established for year, told in the Audit Chamber report. In the fourth quarter of current year it is necessary to finance more than half of expenses on realisation of the federal investment program. despite growth of the state investments, their volume it is insufficient for crisis of the developed tendency of moral and physical deterioration of the basic means of production - experts of Audit Chamber consider. They have noticed that in 1999 the investment program has been executed on 96 %. Besides, the chamber board ascertained that in 1998 - 1999 and for to put months 2000 input of new capacities has made accordingly 5,6 %, 12 % and 6,5 % from the planned plan.

In Ural Mountains - the Savings Bank
Organizational work on creation of the Ural bank of the Savings Bank is finished, the governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel has informed. The head of the Ural bank of the Savings Bank of Russia (its structure included the Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Bashkir and Kurgan banks of the Savings Bank of Russia) appoints Sergey Tcherkashin earlier heading special design bureau - bank. The Ural bank is created within the limits of the program of reforming of structure of the Savings Bank of Russia.
Interfax - Eurasia

the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection has explained how to apply an INN
the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection has presented explanations in the order of application of identification number the tax bearer (INN) in the documents directed to tax departments. Tax departments supervise completeness and timeliness of representation by employers of the tax reporting about the sums paid to physical persons for 2000. Such reporting is the inquiry on incomes of the physical person in which are specified: a surname, a name, a patronymic; a series and number of the document proved the identity;
RIA News

the Audit Chamber has counted the Russian debts
Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation has established that the volume not registered, not classified and completely documentary not confirmed external debts makes 8,5 mlrd doll the USA (229,8 mlrd rub) or 5,4 percents from total amount of an external debt (158,4 mlrd doll the USA), registered according to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for January, 1st, 2000 As it is marked in the message of management of the information and public relations of Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation, results of check of reliability and completeness of the account of the state external loans, including a debt of the former USSR and a debt of the Russian Federation, have been considered on Tuesday at session of board of Audit Chamber. The board ascertained that managerial process by the state external debt and the account of promissory notes in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation does not correspond to the basic requirements of the federal legislation. For five years of action of the federal law About the state external loans of the Russian Federation and the state credits given by the Russian Federation to the foreign states, their legal bodies and the international organisations in the Ministry of Finance of Russia it has not been created uniform system of the account and registration of external loans. Till now qualitative and authentic procedure of registration of treaty obligations and guarantees of the government of the Russian Federation is not created.
the Prime - TASS