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Swindlers have got on a lottery

Militia has covered representation the Ural mafia

the Airport Domodedovo according to militian experts, is some kind of representation criminal groupings of Ekaterinburg in Moscow (there is the representation in Ural Mountains and at Muscovites). Therefore detention in the night from Thursday to Friday members of the Ekaterinburg grouping supervising under the contract with the Moscow mafia of Domodedovo, it is possible to consider as considerable good luck of department on struggle against gangsterism Moscow criminal investigation department and employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg. Correspondent FELIX of HOOKS and the press photographer of agency PRIMUS were present on militian operation.

Some operative cars simultaneously blocked entrances of houses in the Voronezh and Cheerful streets, Nut parkway and Borisovsky journey. After the latent external supervision and control phone calls militiamen have rushed into apartments and have begun searches. In one of them some tens thousand tickets " were revealed; Business - lotteries hidden in a sofa, metal rivets for them, the device for proklepyvanija tickets and vykidnoj a knife.

according to experts, these tickets, anywhere not registered and, naturally, unapproved lottery, it was planned to sell at the airport Domodedovo on 50 roubles. On tickets the inscription " prevailed; without a prize . Presumably, they have been printed in one of underground printing houses of Ekaterinburg on a brown paper of a low grade. Under the operative information, the majority of counterfeit money and vouchers, floating now in the Russian market, appear from Ekaterinburg.

Among twelve arrested persons there were some authorities, for example, the foreman domodedovskih rolled (naperstochnikov) on a nickname Timoha and being in local Ekaterinburg search Kohan . Militiamen suspect that this group had some relation to recent execution in Ekaterinburg Dolgushi and Vagin and to Tolmachyov`s murder at Kuntsevo - bank in Moscow.
at fire-arms searches it is not revealed, some characteristics sheets on different cars, on which, by words " however are found; Timohi there have left boys . Probably, the weapon with which, according to the Ekaterinburg detectives, do not leave local authorities lies in motor vehicles or is on Moscow apartments removed by them which are now checked by field investigators.
the same night by employees of department on struggle against gangsterism in the house in the street Pavel Andreeva one more suspect on the case of swindle and stealings of motor vehicles on which informed on Thursday on March, 25th has been detained.