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Illegal trade in the Ukrainian weapon

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has expressed gratitude serra - to the Leon party

new details about illegal sale of the weapon
serra - the Leon oppositional grouping calling " Yesterday became known; the Higher
revolutionary command (on what informed on March, 23rd) which supports
the last year deposed in the summer president Joseph Momo (Joseph Momoh).

Our informants in Fri - the Town (capital Sierra - Leon) inform that in
to the transaction, probably, one of the Russian officials took part. For
a corresponding bribe it has carried out a transportation of false documents
(certificates of the end user) from Sierra - Leon to Kiev. Despite
the existing will lock on commercial activity of civil servants,
this official has tried to create joint venture in which as one of
founders one of the Ukrainian aviation enterprises acted. Without being
the diplomat, the given person does not use diplomatic immunity. However, on
all visibility, in Sierra - Leon it will not be involved in responsibility. About
its deportation from the country speech does not go yet as such
the certificate can be regarded as unfriendly concerning power, to it
the represented. As a rule, in similar cases of the power of the country confidentially
inform the ambassador about inexpediency of the further stay of the specified person .
If the given assumption will appear true shortly it is possible to expect
appreciable changes in the Russian colony in Fri - the Town.
As the chief has told to the correspondent a press - the centre the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yury
Sergeys, the note of the ambassador Sierra - Leon by Olu Hardinga (Oly
Harding) with the information on suppression by the authorities Sierra - Leon of a departure SILT - 76,
belonging to Ukraine, with cargo of the arms sold extremist
to grouping by a certain commercial structure on March, 18th has been received. On March, 23rd the note the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has been directed reciprocal
. In it, in particular, it is said that the Ukrainian authorities not
have been informed on the transaction fact. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has expressed gratitude
serra - the Leon party for the information and has informed that the competent authorities
republics will make investigation, and embassy Sierra - Leon
will be informed on its results.
as it became known, the legend of publicity of the fact of the transaction with the weapon has received
an appreciable resonance in the higher echelons of power of Ukraine. Dealers the weapon hardly
could realise this sort of transaction without communications in the Ministry of Defence
Ukraine, security service, customs, state-owned airline
Ejr - Ukraine. Investigation can infringe on interests of some high-ranking
persons. We will remind that the sum of transaction has made more than $1 million, and, on conditions
the seller, with a full advance payment cash. The same sources have informed that on
investigation appears to hush up on purpose strong pressure business. On development
events will inform on April, 9th when the consequence will receive the first results.