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The real estate market

the rent Market becomes empty. From what it?

Unfortunately, the real estate group is compelled to afflict the businessmen, hoping to receive decent office in Moscow. Poll of firms - the intermediaries functioning in the market of rent, has confirmed: discrepancy between demand for uninhabited premises and specially equipped offices and their offer more and more becomes aggravated. Experts of firm “ Triagon “ for example, have complained that they are filled simply up by demands for rent of offices with which it is not possible to satisfy with months.
comprehensible offers of lessors in the secondary market can be counted on fingers. And in the majority of other cases it is offered either subrent, or other legally unreliable variants to undertake which registration simply there is no sense. As a result the income of firms - intermediaries from transactions hardly - hardly pays expenses on carrying out of the advertising company. Large firms conclude on the average on 5 - 6 transactions in a month, and small it is possible to issue a maximum 1 - 2 lease contracts. Profitability of operations on the conclusion of lease contracts is rather high (at least 200 %), but small number of offers does not provide the comprehensible income. For this reason many of them, acting until now intermediaries at rent of offices, consider reasonable to be reoriented on trade in private apartments and rooms in communal flats.
it is unsuccessful the primary market of rent of uninhabited premises looks also. Here the offer also is extremely limited. Municipal uninhabited premises now can be received in rent, only participating in commercial competitions, organizuemyh territorial agencies of Moskomimuschestvo or, as they say, “ on the big protection “ in the same agencies. However competitions are spent infrequently - this year across their all Moscow has taken place only three. Thus the quantity of prizes exposed on everyone competition was insignificant - from two to eight. Final rates of a rent at commercial competitions fluctuate from 2 thousand to 30 thousand rbl. for 1 ์2 a total area in a year depending on premise type. The price grows as approaching the sun: most cheaply cellars, then semi-basements and premises on the ground floors of residential buildings. The great influence on a rent is rendered by a site of premises, presence of a separate input, protection, quantity of telephone lines. In the secondary market criteria of an estimation of premises the same. For an illustration we will result two of those few transactions who nevertheless have taken place last week. Office on the ground floor (obshch. Square 34 ์2), located near to the underground “ Shodnensky “ with a separate input and one telephone line has been leased for 40 thousand rbl. a year. Under the same rate recently repaired cellar equipped under office (obshch has been rented. Square 100 ์2) in one of dormitory areas. It is easy to count up that the rent for one square metre of these premises at approximately identical remoteness from the centre differs more than twice.
only those intermediaries who was fixed in the rent market under office of private Moscow apartments more confidently feel. This segment of the market of real estate on - former is characterised simultaneously by high levels of demand and offers and considerable volume of transactions. At large firms the volume of concluded transactions reaches 150 - 200 in a month. At remaining stable activity of the market not so surprisingly that rent rates remain too stable. On one-room apartments they make from $1,7 to $2,8 for 1 ์2 a total area in a month. On two-room - from $2 to $3,5 a month. The greatest disorder characterises rates of rent of three-room apartments - they can reach $11 for 1 ์2 a total area in a month (for the apartments located in the centre).
Among the most indicative transactions on rent under office of private Moscow apartments real estate group have allocated tenancy of two one-room apartments by firm “ the Express train “ ((095) 271 - 94 - 43) - in the street Young Lenintsev for 40 thousand rbl. a month and in the street the Red Beacon for $100 a month. The two-room apartment on 2 - oh to Shipilovsky street has managed to tenants in 80 thousand rbl. a month, and three-room on Vernadsky`s prospectus - in $500 a month. Among the most expensive transactions - the lease contract concluded by firm “ the Southern court yard “ (bodies. (095) 233 - 21 - 90). Three-room apartment (obshch. The square 100 ์2) in the street Serafimovicha has been leased for $1100 a month.
in St.-Petersburg the market of office premises also is characterised by low activity. Observers notice that for last week was still reduced and without that a small number of transactions in the secondary market. The number of refusals of the transactions which were already in a stage of registration has increased also. According to experts, this decrease in activity speaks instability of a political situation. During such moments tenants do not hasten to conclude the transaction, expecting, when position will clear up. Is better illustrates a current situation an example resulted by the Petersburg firm “ LEK - estate “. Last week one of regional communication centres has concluded the contract with firm, having suggested to lease a part of the areas, as even low state rent rates of a steel for it rather burdensome loading. Despite high quality of the premise, a convenient site and the comprehensible price wishing to rent it was not yet. As experts of the firm mark, it was possible to hand over similar premises for some days earlier. And it is possible to explain the difficulties which have arisen this time with realisation by only external reasons, in this case an aggravation of a political situation.
Uncertainty of tenants in tomorrow that fact speaks also that at the conclusion of transactions the accent was displaced from quantity on quality. Premises the property rights on which are indisputable use the greatest demand: the converted private apartments having the permission of the authorities on corresponding use; the areas of the redeemed enterprises; the secondary market of the uninhabited fund privatised without competitive conditions. However the offer of such premises is limited, and rent rates - are high enough. Last week the two-room privatised apartment with a separate input (obshch. The square 70 ์2), located on the house ground floor in Zaharevsky street, has been rented at the private person by joint venture for 5 years for $500 a month that nedeshevo even under the highest Moscow rates of rent.
extremely popular (and, accordingly, profitable) there is in northern capital a sale of office variants of habitation in the property with the subsequent re-equipment. As a rule, as the buyer in such transactions the private person as it simplifies legal procedure a little too acts. Two transactions such has registered agency “ Interฮccidental “ (bodies. (812) 273 - 43 - 23). The two-room large-sized apartment on 1 line of Vasilevsky island 82 ์2 with an entry by the yard is sold by a total area for $21 700. In Dzerzhinsk area (Chekhov`s street) three-room apartment (square 71 ์2, 1 floor, an input the general of an entrance) - for $30 thousand However if to make efforts and to waste time, it is possible to find and cheaper variants. For example, now on consideration in Committee on management of city property there are some lease agreements on which the large enterprises hand over a part of the areas to commercial structures under enough low rate: 10 - 15 thousand roubles for 1 ์2 a total area in a year.

the apartment price will be defined by the winner in race for power
Alas! Similar, have passed those blest times for journalists when in the market of sale of private apartments every day though something yes occurred. And now - stabilisation of the prices. And all here. To Someone it is boring. To someone it is sad. We will simply remind the reader about remaining already from the beginning of this year the prices for private apartments in Moscow: the one-room are offered and leave on $17 - 20 thousand (and practically half of all one-room is realised for $19 thousand) The prices on “ dvushki “ have stiffened at level of $25 - 32 thousand Three-room leave most slowly other types of apartments and stand from $30 thousand to $100 thousand (for apartment in the centre).
That is even more interesting - the similar stable situation has developed and in the market of sale of apartments in St.-Petersburg. Good apartments in city centre, suitable for use under office, go at the highest prices - an order of $510 for 1 ์2 a total area. At these prices the real estate similar on parametres with the following apartment leaves, for example: three-room apartment (obshch. Square 100 ์2) on 1 floor of an apartment house near to hotel “ Soviet “ (it is exposed for $50 thousand) . This apartment has appeared in catalogues of concern GROWTH (bodies. (812) 275 - 30 - 91) only yesterday. Under forecasts of group of real estate, in the following weekly review we already can write about the fact of its sale.
on the average across Petersburg the prices for private apartments even have a little decreased in comparison with the beginning of March: from $466 to $440 for 1 ์2 a total area. The rouble prices thus almost completely correspond to the currency analogues in recalculation at a dollar current rate - as the average price of square metre has grown to 260 thousand roubles so there and remained.
as experts of the Moscow and Petersburg realtor firms assume, the similar catalepsy is connected with a known aggravation of political conditions in Russia. Neither sellers, nor buyers were not defined yet - for that it is possible to wait from the further succession of events in the higher echelons of power? As have shown spent among clients of firms on sale of real estate polls, in case of Yeltsin`s victory of the price for real estate will smoothly continue to grow (anybody from interrogated, truth, has not answered, to what level-.) And if will win VS - to real estate will occur what the hell (a question for the purpose of finding-out of its assumptions on the further development of the market of real estate to observers it was not possible to set to the craftiest).

the spring Has come, and was dismissed normotvorchestvo
Predictably, the spring has cleared dense (i.e. not subject to ordinary understanding of all legislative artful designs) the ground market. Besides seasonal growth of the supply and demand observed in the secondary market of the earth, have grown as well requirements of the authorities to the legislative initiative, however, quite proved. The last week in Moscow has been noted by special activity of the city authorities which have let out two statutory acts. The most important and to the Moscow land users the order of the mayor #162 ", by sight, became interesting; About main principles and an order of a re-registration of land users in the city territory of Moscow “. This order concerns first of all those owners of structures who have not concluded earth lease contracts under them. The land users who have not submitted till June, 1st in Moskomzem or its territorial divisions of demands for registration of use of the earth and the conclusion of lease contracts, will be taxed or a rent with double factor. The mayor has obliged building department, Registration chamber, Moskomimuschestvo, bureau of technical inventory, prefecture not to accept to registration and not to give out any documents legal and to physical persons without a Moskomzem mark about reception of the demand for a re-registration of the rights to the earth.
a tendency of the Government of Moscow on an establishment maximum (49 years) terms of rent of the ground areas at a re-registration, on - visible, will not remain. Under the new order, the Moskomzem by preparation of projects of the governmental orders of Moscow or prefects is obliged differentsirovanno to approach to an establishment of terms of rent. Also, according to the vice-president of Moskomzem Sergey Melnichenko, introduction of correction factors to a payment for the earth becomes very important at the conclusion of lease contracts. The idea consists in knocking down progressing taxes of the land users inefficiently using the earth. It, according to developers of the document, will force careless land users to refuse surpluses voluntary. At a re-registration possibility " also is not excluded; specifications of borders of the ground areas according to the plan of use of the earths “ and promotions of additional conditions from prefectures.
the second document is interesting to those who in using has no earth, but very much would like. At the disposal of the mayor #168 “ About specification of an order of preparation of administrative documents on granting of the ground areas for building in Moscow “ procedure of granting of the earth is essentially simplified. In difference from a former order, in the new the stage of reservation of the ground area is excluded. The document provides also differentiation of spheres of conducting the government of Moscow and prefects of administrative districts, and, accordingly, demands which are considered city and the district commissions concerning ground relations. Under the new order of the mayor investors are completely released from bustle for reception of all necessary coordination.
thus if you want to construct, let us assume, the house to you it is necessary to address depending on a place of its arrangement in the corresponding regional ground commission. Working groups city or the district commissions on ground relations at first carry out registration of demands, lead selection of offers which are expedient for using for competitive definition of investors, and will organise preliminary study of the project. If your offer corresponds to needs of a city it goes hors concours. Then results of work of working groups are reported the commissions on which the basic decision on preparation of the project of the order of the first deputy of the prime minister of the government of Moscow or the corresponding prefect for ground area allocation is made. On its basis, passing a reservation stage, the earth lease contract consists.
as to a rent for the earth in the nearest future it will be raised both in Moscow, and in St.-Petersburg. Under the data received from authentic sources, it will increase in Moscow on the average in 1,7 times. In St.-Petersburg innovations in the rent rate at level of areas are expected. The meeting in Committee on mayoralty land reform on which the new scheme of distribution of rent rates has been finished to data of regional departments of committee on March, 26th has taken place. The rent for sites under a housing estate and under manufacturing enterprises remains at level of 1992 And cost of rent of the earth for retail trade will essentially increase - from former 2,3 thousand rbl. for 1 2, to 5 - 20 thousand rbl. for 1 2 depending on area, a site and shop assortment.
on - visible, these hearings have reached not only us, but also to interested persons to lease the earth. Probably, in this connection under old rates of a rent the Moskomzem last week had been concluded a number of contracts. The Zelenograd branch of the Moscow industrial bank rented in microdistrict 11เ for building of an office building of all of 1,2 hectares for 216 thousand rbl. a year. And small enterprise “ JUREM “ for building of food shop in the same Zelenograd has leased 0,48 hectares for 86 thousand rbl. a year.
the Supreme body presidium in breaks between congresses too tries to work - the bill on a mortgage on Wednesday has been directed on consideration to committees and the commissions. In the bill are accurately formulated a mortgage subject. Be put almost any real estate, including the empty ground area and a site with a structure can. The law is great enough on volume, and in it all procedures of mortgage lending are in details painted - beginning from a procedure for registration of pledge which is assigned to committees on ground resources, and finishing the mechanismOhm of withdrawal of a subject of a mortgage in case of obligation default. In the project the mortgage maintenance is in detail painted, and also the mechanism of its reference that will allow to organise the secondary market of mortgages is provided. After to this bill Committee VS on social development of village, agrarian questions and the foodstuffs has developed the project “ About pledge of the earths of agricultural purpose “. Thus, the mortgage of the agricultural earths which the ground areas for conducting a farmer, personal part-time farm concern, and also gardenings, on a plan of authors of the project, will be regulated by absolutely other law. According to it the agricultural earths can be put only in state Rosselhozbank. Certainly, it is not necessary to speak about any secondary market of mortgages in this case.