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Appointment in Ministry of Economics

Shifts only have begun

As well as the experts assumed, duties of the Minister of Economics
after Andrey Nechaeva`s resignation its first deputy Andrey
Shapovalyants became fulfilling. Many employees of the Ministry of Economics and detached onlookers
do not doubt almost that Shapovalyants as the head of the ministry - a figure
time. Definitive appointment to this post will not take place until then,
the parity of forces in the government will not be defined yet.

On Andrey Shapovalyants`s appointment temporarily fulfilling duties of the minister
has informed vitse - prime minister Boris Fedorov on extraordinary board of the ministry,
after to employees it has been officially declared Andrey`s resignation
by Nechaeva. Till yesterday Shapovalyants was the first deputy of the minister.
Characterizing it, practically all mark precipitancy of his career in
the former State Planning Committee of the USSR. For 15 years which it has worked in this organisation, it
became the chief of department of the finance. And this post, on informal sheets about
ranks of those years, meant more, rather than a post of the Minister of Finance. Together
with that observers believe that real chances to be fixed on new to themselves
to a post at Shapovalyants practically are not present. First of all it is connected by that it
can not suit representatives of an industrial lobby in the government (as
firm enough adherent of ideas of Egor Gaydar) and combating for
various privileges of representatives of regions (on an occasion at which Shapovalyants as
the economist - the professional will not go).