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Crisis of the power both and and and and and

Ruslan Hasbulatov:

- We have faced aspiration to monopolise the power. Under it try to bring even theoretical base. At first speak about necessity of an order, and all is reduced to necessity of an establishment of a mode of the strong power. At the same time the government sticks in parallel structures of the president. It is necessary to return once again to the Law on the government, having brought corresponding amendments in the Constitution. In a word, the strong government which would bear responsibility together with parliament and the president for affairs in the country is necessary for us. Force of executive power should lean more and more against interaction with regions.
- our congress urged to help to enter a situation into the constitutional and legal space and on this basis to resolve the arisen contradictions. It would be desirable, that we have found here that the correct decision which has at least approached us to the consent is unique, would calm people. It would be desirable to tell that if deputies see the reason in any personal conflicts, is ready for the sake of consent without hesitation to leave a post of chairman VS.