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Book novelties of week

Heroes and antiheroes of Russia - in one book

the Past week in the domestic book market has caused a stir an abundance of novelties,
the known people of different epoch connected with names. There was a possibility
to familiarise with new biographies of prince Vladimir, Charles Marx,
Alexander Solzhenitsyna and other heroes of time.

the Annals of life and creativity of the Nobel prize winner under the literature
Alexander Solzhenitsyna are represented by the monography SOLZHENITSYN which
in Russia is let out for the first time by publishing house Fiction though in the West
the book left twice - in 1980 and 1984. It belongs to a feather of one of
the most authoritative western specialists in Russian philology - professors of the Geneva university
George Niva (Georges Nivat). The author - the historian, the essayist and literary
the critic - considers that undertook risky business, namely has offered
to the Russian reader analysis of the Russian from writers of what has given present
revival of Russian literature . Nevertheless Solzhenitsyn remained the book
is quite happy, and moreover - named its most many-sided of all
existing. George Niva preliminary it was insured from possible reproaches in
incorrectnesses of giving of events of life of the great writer, having supplied the book
with the help device of the impressive sizes, including the full bibliography
works about Solzhenitsyne. The present edition of the monography in Russia has not undergone
any tactical changes, short of the short description of events,
Solzhenitsyna which have happened in life last years and connected with Russia.
For example, restoration of the Russian citizenship, an appearance of the books in the homeland,
refusal of the writer of the State award of 1990 for Archipelago a Gulag .
HEROES And ANTIHEROES of FATHERLAND - so the collection prepared
by Vyacheslav Zabrodinym is called. The book left with the assistance of group of the Moscow publishing houses
the Information express train the Russian newspaper and the Expert . Selection heroes and
antiheroes this collection it is traditional for a postreorganization epoch: from
krestitelja Russia prince Vladimir to politician Vyacheslav Molotova.
has not managed and without a mention of episodes from life sijatelnogo prince Grigory
Potyomkin, poet Nikolay Gumilev, communist Lavrentija Berii. However
the composer has defined for itself that on court of readers will be taken out only
little-known episodes of their biographies. It is supposed that to the subsequent
collections of this series it will be presented about 200 characters. Among
candidates in heroes the following book are named Grigory Rasputin and Vladimir
the book - a hypothesis SUBCONSCIOUS MARX, OR the GOSPEL WHICH HAS not taken place
left in Sredne - Uralsk publishing house (Ekaterinburg). Its author
psychoanalyst Alexander Lobok has made attempt unbiassedly to state history
to Charles Marx`s life. He has considered that it will be interesting to present the biography
the classic of scientific communism in the form of continuous dialogue with a shade his father
Henry Marx. The book is original under the maintenance as played by it
young Charles`s dialogue alternates with the father also historical arguments in
protection mjatushchejsja souls of the son to which existence (in youthful years)
verses and full romanticists of the letter of Charles testify. Psychoanalyst Lobok,
thus, makes bold to argue with great philosopher Sergey
Bulgakov who at all refused to Marx available any soul and
carried it to number of people, alien to any tragedy . Among incalculable
quantities of the literature on Charles Marx in Russian Alexander Lobka`s book
on what is not similar.
to secret activity for the sake of profit and superprofit the book of Ruslana
is devoted Gasanova ESPIONAGE And BUSINESS left in new Moscow publishing house
Saagi . Making a start from an axiom that hunting behind another`s secrets is
derivative of untidiness of competitors, the author gives a volume portrait
this kind untidiness . It in detail acquaints readers with
its various faces: Cyberespionage (penetration into computer networks
competitors), electronic listening, space espionage, secret
photographing, industrial investigation and to that similar. The book contains
a detailed historical sketch about economic espionage and solid
the help device (more than 150 books, newspaper and journal publications in Russia
and abroad). The conducted research leads the author of the book rather
to a pessimistic conclusion - the globe represents for today
a huge ball in a string-bag of economic espionage .