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Power crisis (that spoke) Zorkin

Valery Zorkin:

- item 104 Positions (about congress as the government supreme body) and items 109 (about work VS) the operating Constitution should be brought into accord with a principle of division of the authorities, fixed in item 1 and 3 Constitutions
- to pass the Constitutional law which would allow to refuse congress as from an independent legislature and to hold an election in a parliament of two houses
- to pass laws on elections, a referendum, political parties, and also on responsibility for default of decisions of the Constitutional court. To approve the amendment to the Constitution about possibility of early election of the president and deputies and to appoint date, with the consent of the president, their simultaneous carrying out by autumn of 1993. To enter to elections the moratorium on modification of the Constitution
- People`s Deputies keep the status and activity guarantees for all period of their powers
- Persons who have misled the president by reference and decree preparation, should be responsible and be discharged of a post