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Newsmaker`s diary

the Mayor of St.-Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak has addressed to session of extraordinary session of Petrosoveta devoted to discussion of a political situation in the country and conditions at congress. In the performance of Sobchak, in particular, has noticed that now there is a struggle not between congress and the president, and between neocommunistic groupings and democratic movement . As a way out from mezhduvlastnogo crisis the mayor of Petersburg has suggested to spend preschedule simultaneous re-elections both representative, and executive power (that is the president), and the new Constitution to confirm at the Constituent assembly.

the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov in the performance at IX extraordinary congress of the Russian deputies has characterised as lawful actions of executive power of a city on maintenance with transport of demonstration of democratic forces on Vasilevsky descent of the Kremlin. Concerning the requirements distributed at congress from a post of the mayor Luzhkov has declared its discharge what solve this question can only the Muscovites who have selected the mayor instead of the Russian deputies.

Vitse - the prime minister of Russia Alexander Shokhin has taken part in negotiations with the president of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank Jacque Attali (Jacques Attali) in the morning. In second half of day Shokhin has met delegation of the European Community into which Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Belgium and Denmark Villi Klaas (Willie Klaes) and Nils Helveg Petersen (Nils Helveg Petersen), the state Minister for Foreign Affairs and on affairs of Commonwealth of Great Britain Douglas Hogg (Douglas Hogg have entered). At this meeting the condition of negotiations of Russia and EU on agreement undertaking about cooperation was discussed. Materials more in detail see the same page.

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Kozyrev has spent yesterday in Teheran. During the two-day visit to Iran Kozyrev has carried on negotiations with the colleague Ali Akbarom Velajati (Ali Akbar Velayati) and the president of the country Akbarom Hashemi - Rafsandzhani (Akbar Hashemi Rafsandjani). P. 10 more in detail see.

the Minister of Defence of Russia general Pavel Grachev has arrived to Bruxelles for participation in a meeting of Ministers of Defence of member countries of Council of the North Atlantic cooperation uniting the states of the NATO, the Eastern Europe and the CIS. About visit details will write tomorrow.

President Kredobanka Yury Agapov has arrived at 13 o`clock to the Central house of the journalist where has taken part in a press - the conference devoted chetyrehletiju of bank. To representatives of mass media, in particular, it has been declared that the Council of the Bank has established the size of dividends for 1992 at level of 150 % annual.

the chairman of board of directors of the Russian national commercial bank Konstantin Borovoj in 15. 00 has addressed to annual meeting of shareholders of bank with the report on results of work RNKB in 1992 (the material see p. 2). After two hours it has taken part in a press - conferences following the results of annual meeting of bank.

the chairman of board of directors of joint-stock company the Transnational oil company ` Hermes - the Union ` Valery Neverov was present on meeting of shareholders of the company. On it was are declared the size of dividends on shares of company and results of its work for a year. Details see p. 2.

Director Stanislav Govorukhin has celebrated the birthday (to it 57 years were executed) in the bosom of the family.