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Theatrum mundi

Nobody can objat immense, even the industrial giant, and even the Japanese industrial giant, and even such perfect Japanese industrial giant, as Matsushita.
In 1918 Konosuke Matsusita (Konosuke Matsushita) has based company Matsushita (today`s trade marks - National, Panasonic, Quasar and Technics). Now it is the world`s largest firm on manufacture of household electronics. Matsusita was the higher authority on management and corporate ethics in Japan, the virtuoso of Japanese art to make production much, quality and at the low prices. Working firms up to death of Konosuke Matsusita in 1989 enjoyed a guarantee of lifelong employment and attention from a management. It seemed, so will be always. But some days ago successor Matsusity on a presidential post of Akio Tanii (Akio Tanii) declared resignation. The reasons - financial scandal, falling of profits and complication in connection with a presentation to firm of claims for 700 thousand defective refrigerators. Matsushita - it is far not unique of the Japanese companies experiencing now difficulties. So, the firm of Nissan, the manufacturer of cars second in the country, has just declared forthcoming closing of factory near Tokyo and dismissal in this connection 5 thousand persons. Similar in Japan done not happen with 50 - h years. But Matsushita throughout many years differed especial even for Japanese firms a pressure and care combination. Continuously developing and expanding manufacture, she almost never risked and almost never was mistaken. Any administrative decision was carefully thought over and very circumspectly executed. For Japan Matsushita became the present academy of business. This firm (moreover Toyota) associates in the West with expansion of the Japanese goods. What happens? The firm was comprehended by a trouble which was already tested on themselves by many large American companies - General Motors, ITT, Eastmen odak, Citicorp, and recently and IBM: both the firm, and area of its business have too expanded. From - for it the top floors of management have appeared to watch any more in a condition that becomes on the bottom. On the other hand, inertia of success and huge bank accounts seemed reliable guarantors of the future that has led to loss of vigilance by a firm management, and disturbing tendencies have not been realised in time.
occurrence of the first symptom of illness, at that time yet very serious, it is possible to carry to 1990. Then some observers have suspected that purchase by firm Matsushita for $6,1 mlrd the American company MCA specialising on show business, has been dictated more likely by arrogance, instead of sober calculation, and that it has been made in peak to firm Sony, bought year before for $3,4 mlrd the Hollywood movie company Columbia Pictures. After all Matsushita never before made so impressive acquisitions out of Japan and the more so was not the expert at cinema - and musical business. Though acquisition MCA also has not resulted then to serious financial consequences for Matsushita, however became the first firm among errors. It was followed also by others - the unreasoned exchange gamble which have turned back large financial losses, easing of control over quality of let out production, in particular the refrigerators, led to mass claims. And the troubles connected with purchase MCA, have not kept itself waiting too long. One of these days it is declared that division MCA - MCA Records - sells 17 % of actions to settle actions of proceeding with two American competitors.
while it is not known that will undertake Matsushita to cope with difficulties. Probably, and this time it will find a way out, having given the next lesson to other Japanese companies which have faced economic ailments and necessity of re-structuring. And here British ICI, taking the fifth place in the world himiko - the pharmaceutical company, it having appeared in similar position, it has decided to be divided simply on two parts. It should occur after general meeting of shareholders in May. a chemical part will keep the old name, and pharmaceutical will be called Zeneca. Forecasts of experts for ICI are optimistical. Zeneca will meet the general for pharmaceutical branch difficulties and, probably, - with new troubles.