Rus News Journal

Exchange rates of cash currency

To the beginning of current week currency quotations in the Moscow market of cash sales have not undergone considerable changes in comparison with level of the predays off. According to observers, dollar exchange rate decrease in separate points of currency trade on the average on 5 points was unique change in the situation which have developed within last week. So, in the basic venues valjutoobmennyh operations the dollar exchange rate at retail and melkooptovyh has made dealers yesterday 735 - 740 rbl./ $ at buying up and 765 - 775 rbl./ $ at sale. Thus long enough (within last week) dollar exchange rate stabilisation has led to alignment of intracity currency quotations, in particular, on Monday the course established by speculators in foreign currency on suburbs of a city, differed from a course in the basic points of currency trade of all on 5 - 10 points. According to the experts, in the near future unstable balance in the market of cash sales of Moscow, most likely, will be broken by expected increase of a course at the exchange auctions and, as consequence of it, growth of demand for cash currency. However considering that the dollar exchange rate established now is practically at a marginal level, experts consider as the most probable enough smooth increase of currency quotations of the black market. The telephone dollar exchange rate in Moscow has made yesterday 750 rbl./ $ at buying up and 775 rbl./ $ at sale, practically without having changed in comparison with level of the end of last week. On Monday similar development of a situation was marked by observers practically in all other regions of Russia and the CIS countries. So, practically in all Russian centres of currency trade in the beginning of week some was marked (on 5 - 10 points) decrease in level of currency quotations. In the Belarus market of cash sales observers marked gradual restoration of the balance sharply broken in the end of last week by actions of some commercial banks, aspiring to get rid of quickly depreciating Russian both Belarus roubles, and lifted a course of buying up of cash currency to level 850 rbl./ $.