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The meeting of military public prosecutors of Russia

Criminality in army causes to the country the increasing damage

In the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia yesterday has passed operative meeting military
public prosecutors. It has been called in connection with catastrophic growth of criminality in
the armed forces, causing to the state more and more serious damage.

the Meeting has been called at the initiative of central administrative board General
Offices of Public Prosecutor of Russia on supervision of execution of laws in armed forces. In
it military public prosecutors and representatives kontrolno - auditing
bodies of the Ministry of Defence of Russia have taken part. The condition
public prosecutor`s and investigatory work on control of offences, connected with
plunder of military property, sale to its commercial structures, illegal
tenancy was the basic theme of meeting.
At meeting the figures characterising present level army
of criminality have been named. So, the number of profit-motivated crimes has increased more than on 20 %,
detection cases nedostach military property,
including combat material almost have six times become frequent. The total amount of a damage to the state from criminality
in army has during the last years increased in 33 times in the comparable prices.
after end of discussion of the situation which have developed in armed forces, military
public prosecutors have come to a conclusion about necessity of creation uniform independent
interdepartmental body which could keep control of a situation and, in
particulars, free spend audits of property of military units on
to all country.