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Theatrum mundi

the Parisian exhibition season proceeds. Very much the great interest was caused arranged in Grand Palais by an exhibition the Century of Titian: the Golden Age of the Venetian painting . It is organised by committee of experts on classical painting which is headed by the director of Louvre Michel Laklot (Michel Laclotte).
Pictures for an exhibition were are taken from more than 100 meetings: from large museums and provincial galleries of Europe and America, 10 Venetian churches, and also numerous private collections (including queens Elizabeth II and families Tissen - Bornemica (Thyssen - Bornemisza). However the exposition basis is made by pictures of Louvre meeting (which part of a collection became inaccessible in connection with reconstruction spent nowadays). All these pictures hardly when - nibud still will be exposed together, therefore, having used a unique case, organizers of an exhibition have let out the enormous catalogue (it is powerful 4 kg) which visitors willingly get for memory.
at an exhibition 170 cloths, more than 100 drawings from Dzhordzhone and Titian to Tintoretto and Veronese are presented. Critics especially mark the successful organisation of an exposition - it represents not a set of masterpieces, namely a panorama the Golden Age of the Venetian painting .
the Central place at an exhibition, certainly, is taken away to Titian`s works. Here it is presented about hundred works of its brush. Among the exposed cloths Removal of a skin from Marsii (Kromerits, Czechia); Flora (Florence); Danaja (Prado gallery, Madrid); Training of the Cupid (gallereja Borgeze, Rome); Venus and the Cupid (a museum Underground New York) and the Lady day (a temple of the Savior, Venice).
At an exhibition it is a lot of also works of Dzhordzhone. 18 its works are exhibited At a separate hall, one of them from sankt - the Petersburg Hermitage. Are exposed known the Concert (a private collection in Milan), Sacred family (National gallereja, Washington), Laura (the Museum of history of arts, Vienna) and the Old woman (the Academy of Venice), and also is a lot of portraits.
Besides, at an exhibition in Grand Palais pictures of Tintoretto (Tintoretto), Veronese (Veronese) are presented, to Bassano (Bassano), by Lorentso Lotto (Lorenzo Lotto), Dosso Dossi (Dosso Dossi), Sebastjano del Pombo (Sebastiano del Piombo), Giovanni Bellini (Giovanni Bellini).
the Exhibition will last till June, 14th.
Simultaneously in Louvre in Flora pavilion there passes an exhibition of the French classical drawing of a XVII-th century from provincial museums of France.
this exhibition is carried out within the limits of the extensive exhibition program developed by the former office of drawing in Louvre, nowadays renamed in department of graphic arts . The program provides some kind of inventory of classical drawing in territory of France. The present exhibition is made of 160 drawings from 36 different collections. In an exposition are included, in particular, Poussin`s drawings, however names of the majority of the exposed artists are a little known outside of France. Here works very different both on skill level, and on the technician of execution are collected. Besides the works representing the big art value, the drawings representing for a long time forgotten directions and schools in classical French drawing, as, for example, the Toulouse and Provencal schools are exposed also. (The Provencal school began to cause recently especial interest in the French fans of painting. Recently in Marseilles there has passed an exhibition on which works of artists of Provence have been presented exclusively).
Many drawings are not signed, and only completeness of a composition and freedom of lines testify that their authors were large artists.