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The review of advertising campaigns

Volvos and Mercedes remain the most popular

this week firm “ the Analyst “ consortium APR has summed up two-month research of advertising of import cars. By data “ Analytics “ while to Russia it has not been spent any high-grade advertising campaign of foreign cars. Experts explain it first of all to that foreign cars yet have no sufficient commodity market.

firm Researches “ the Analyst “ have shown that the western manufacturers of cars place in Russia the advertising not too willingly. The reason that while their production does not find sufficient demand. On the average by foreign cars in Russia now goes no more than 3 - 5 % of motorists, and half of motor vehicles has been bought in already second-hand condition. In Moscow, for example, from 30 thousand registered GAI of foreign cars only 52 % are got by the new. In these conditions on the foreground there is an advertising of dealers and distributors. Some of them offer different marks, and “ eksimer “ for example, except sale of motor vehicles, is engaged in sale and other goods.
that fact testifies to absence of large-scale advertising campaigns also that almost all these firms use only one or, a maximum, two means of placing of advertising. For example, “ LogoVAZ “ it was most actively advertised on TV channel “ Ostankino “. Within two months its advertising has on air made 26 minutes, and expenses for it - $120 - 140 thousand Also on “ Ostankino “ Renault company (about 10 minutes and $30 - 40 thousand) has stopped the choice . The most active in a press had appeared: among marks - Volvo and Mitsubishi, and among firms - A and T Trade, LLD and “ eksimer “. Ford (Europe) advertised the production and on “ Ostankino “ (9 minutes and $20 - 30 thousand) And in newspapers.
city advertising while is used obviously a little. Except for tablets and signboards “ LogoVAZ “ in Moscow some boards with advertising of cars of Peugeot, Ρitroen and firms " are established all; Triniti - motors “ and “ avtolejn “. Unpopularity of city advertising testifies to absence of serious intentions at the firms selling cars as this kind of advertising demanding considerable investments, is most “ long-playing “.
Besides, if the small number of large firms is spent by the advertising campaigns calculated on the long period the majority of firms are limited to separate advertising actions. So, on “ Ostankino “ from 45 automobile advertisers of 25 distances of all under one announcement, in a press from 70 advertisers on time the information on has placed more than 25. The purpose of similar actions - to sell a concrete lot of cars and while such - single - interests and prevail among advertisers. Certainly, in similar cases the advertiser not especially troubles itself with working out of original, remembered courses. Even among advertising of foreign marks it is difficult to find any bright slogans testifying to orientation to a certain category of the population or that the rate becomes on certain motivation at car purchase (classical this sort of example the European advertising campaign " can serve; folksvagena “ constructed on a slogan: “ Volkswagen is your best second car “) .
All it leads to absolutely paradoxical situation. So, despite attempts of such firms as Peugeot or Renault, consistently to spend the advertising campaigns, the most popular in the Russian market on - former remain Mercedes and Volvo (for today in their Moscow is registered 6 and 4 thousand accordingly). But popularity of these marks in Russia at all does not grow out of a successful advertising campaign. Experts explain demand for them to that they traditionally have the most developed trade channels, system of service and the image which has developed for Russians: Mercedes - as the most prestigious car, Volvo - as the car most adapted for the Russian roads.
the conducted research not only describes the situation which has developed now in the Russian market of foreign cars, but also allows to draw some conclusions on advertising efficiency of cars. For example, according to GAI, almost two thirds of registered foreign cars (65 %) belong to private persons, 30 % - to firms and 5 % - to a diplomatic corps. However observers tend to opinion, what even the cars bought by private persons are used mainly for representation, instead of for personal trips. Therefore, possibly, post mailing of advertising on foreign firms and rich domestic to the companies can yield quite good results. For these purposes any places where the provided people like to appear can be used also. For example, World trade centre, hotel “ October “ “ the Sheremetyevo - 2 “ etc.

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