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For that to wait from the power?

the Russian business needs to hope only for itself

To formal signs this March it is possible to name an antipode last year`s. One year ago under the pressure of the Supreme body which has risen in the majority on the point of view of an industrial lobby, the withdrawal from a radical variant of market reforms has begun. Become by political factor price shock has shaken a rating of the president, has caused confusion among democrats and has strengthened positions of antimarket political movements. The updating which has followed it of economic policy became than other as consecutive drift from monetaristskogo a course of a shock therapy towards the Latin American model of inflationary stimulation as a whole inefficient economy. Last week this economic bend, apparently, has sputtered out. The political explosion caused by a president`s team, and falling of authority of parliament have given the grounds to political advisers of representatives of the Russian business to predict new approach of radical reformers. new Russian seemingly, enter April with feeling of social optimism.

Nevertheless, possibly, already by the end of this week optimism at them considerably will run low. And that is why. In conditions when any of power branches cannot win a victory over another and incur all completeness of responsibility for state of the economy, political strike and the efforts connected with it to get public support will inevitably dictate both to the president, and parliament the economic steps calculated on immediate social effect. Actually the decisive step in this direction already has been made almost synchronously both the president, and congress. In reply to the commission of the president to the government to consider the mechanism of indemnification of the contributions depreciated as a result of inflation congress last Saturday has accepted as a matter of fact the similar decision. On following put Boris Yeltsin has signed the special decree about protection of savings in the Savings Bank. In similar parallelism, however, there is nothing unexpected: after gajdarovskogo the government which have taken the plunge to privatisation of state property, the required political resonance now can cause the permission of two more questions - about contributions and about the earth. If in a question of indemnification of savings also it was possible to predict unanimity of legislative and executive power a question on elimination of last legal withdrawals from a private property institution on the earth (10 - the summer moratorium on resale of the privatised sites) should become a watershed between the president and parliament. However, despite all expectations, such watershed it, seemingly, does not become. In the project urgent financially - economic measures the next two months, prepared according to the presidential decree the government, it is supposed to reduce only term of the moratorium to three - five years. In the event that this offer will make a basis of the preparing presidential decree executive power here again will show sufficient unanimity with the power legislative which in the project of Bases of the ground legislation has provided similar reduction of period of validity of an interdiction for earth resale. Moreover - the parliament provides also cancellation of restrictions on purchase and sale of the earth by non-residents of the Russian Federation about what the government while keeps silence.
the reason similar the consent The Russian authorities there was a fear of that despite certain political dividends from liquidation of all restrictions on operations with the ground areas, support from new social groups of the population as a result cannot compensate those losses which will be caused by discontent of a management of agricultural regions, in the majority of opposing immediate full-scale introduction of a private property on the earth. Owing to the traditional reasons rural heads in case of referendum carrying out will make solving impact on voting results on the territories, and in these circumstances to go on strain of relations with them does not presume to itself neither the president, nor parliament, any other power. Irrespective of, whether present crisis of the power by a referendum or early election will come to the end, political instability objectively forces ruling circles to operate by the rules similar to rules of pre-election struggle. This circumstance underlies declared on congress by the president a new course in social policy. The principle of this new course is simple and almost completely coincides with those offers, which else chairman VS one year ago put forward: strengthening a social orientation and bolshee social filling reforms. As any of power branches will not dare to tell truth that she thinks concerning such social filling Competition in acceptance of the populist measures the big social security of economically passive levels of population and still bolshy a tax press on all a little - malski significant economic structures will be which consequence still becomes the most probable scenario normotvorchestva the nearest two - three weeks. Destructive consequences of similar socialisation of economic policy do, for example, senseless dispute on the one to whom the Central bank should be accountable: inflationary support on the most essence bolshej will force able-bodied population parts both the government, and parliament to carry out same to the policy concerning the Central Bank.
as a result of similar copying of Latin American model which have already proved the hopelessness the considerable part of a society can agree with stated on the last week and for the present the shy assumption that stadiums are not only in Chile .