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Column Misfortunes

On Friday on the Kola atomic power station as a result of infringement vodno - a chemical mode the second is stopped and the first is unloaded to a minimum blocks. At present works on washing of the second contours of blocks are spent. Dangers of radiating infection are not present.

In settlement Brotherly the Samara region on Friday on the oil pipeline Samara - Lisichansk has occurred failure. As a result of break on the fortieth kilometre of the pipeline oil has got to the river Dry Vjazovka and has spread on the big area. The general emission eliminated by the present moment, has made about 720 cubic m. Are conducted clearing and a recovery work.

the stop Surgut became Result of break of pipeline Urengoj - Tobolsk and Is new - Urengojsky factories on processing of a gas condensate. The pipeline with a gas condensate has been damaged by the bulldozer in settlement Syvdarma of the Tyumen region. The condensate has started to pour out on the earth, and the pipeline has been blocked. There is recovery work.

on Friday at the largest enterprise of Estonian slate deposit - mine Estonia - the fire has begun. After in shtreke the flame has flashed, all miners managed to be evacuated on a surface. For liquidation of a flame firemen have begun burit chinks and to erect crosspieces. Upon termination of a spadework the emergency site will be flooded by water.

on Saturday in Prikubansky area Karachaevo-Circassia freshet and sewage from lake Salty has flooded apartment houses and 200 hectares of agricultural grounds. Engineering services lay drains for tap of flood waters, control over epidemiological conditions in area is organised. Works on clearing of highways are conducted.

in capital of Georgia yesterday in the morning has broken through the collector of sewage which is passing under a highway Novorossisk - Tbilisi - Baku. Water has washed away a part of a road cloth, on lines there were jams of cars. Nearby buildings are threatened with flooding of cellars.

on Friday to Bangladesh during a storm on the river Tetulia the ferry " was wrecked; Dzhubair . On a trouble about 250 passengers (on hundred more than the ferry), rescuers could take from - for a bad weather could not arrive quickly to a tragedy place. One hundred passengers managed to reach by swimming coast. From water 32 bodies are taken. Other passengers are not found yet. During a storm 22 more small boats have sunk. Thus, total number of victims of hurricane to Bangladesh the strength of wind at which reached 95 km/ ch, can make 300 persons. 25 thousand more inhabitants remained without a roof over the head.

79 persons were lost and about hundred have sustained heavy injuries as a result of the railway accident which have occurred on Sunday in South Korea. The high-speed train following from Seoul in the city of Pusan, has descended about a rail and has literally failed under the earth. The matter is that in this place under railroad tracks on depth of 35 metres there was a lining of a tunnel which, possibly, and has served as the collapse reason. The locomotive and two cars of a train have appeared underground on depth over three metres.

for the past days 24 persons were lost in northern mountain areas of Pakistan as a result of powerful landslips. Landslips have been caused by the long torrential rains which have fallen upon this region.

on Friday on a gas platform the Llama on lake Marakaibo (Venezuela) there was a compressor explosion. The exact number of the workers who were on a platform is not known, however it is supposed that them was nearby 50. Rescuers have taken bodies of eight persons, ten more victims are taken to hospital. Salvage operations are at a loss that the platform is mounted on lake in 57 km from coast. Roughly the damage from failure has made $120 million Cause of the tragedy is found out.