Rus News Journal


And all - taki classics truly spoke: each phenomenon is connected with each other phenomenon in millions invisible threads. Remember, how was: faults with the foodstuffs - also fill there and then up a toilet paper; has eaten kg of black caviar - at once sight has fallen so that money in a wallet do not see; has hastened - people has made laugh, only has decided to work against the stop - and on you. Since then began to live even more cheerfully and more interesting. New maps and globes of Russia are issued, the number of presidents has exceeded for a long time number of the secretaries, each large village is going to let out own currency. The state departments have definitively got out of hand and create that want. More others try large monopolistically structures, vestiges of command economy.
so, Rosgidromettsentr, roughly ignoring legal requirements of Gosstandart of Russia and numerous deputy inquiries, obstinately bends the line: at night in Moscow +2 ... - 3 , but tomorrow afternoon +4 ... +9 and, almost for certain, with deposits in the form of a rain. The Petersburg weather testifies to adherence to sample, not creative decisions and total absence of an invention: at night +1 ... - 4 , in the afternoon +3 ... +8 with equal capital probability of loss all the same deposits. Hydrometeorological centre has not strongly renounced the uzkovedomstvennymi interests concerning primordially Russian cities - Vologda (in the afternoon +2 ... +7 ), Yaroslavl (+1 ... +6 ), Nizhni Novgorod (+6 ... +11 ). However, it not the most scandalous miscalculations of a management of the given department. The feeling of deep bewilderment causes intolerant, nothing explainable contrast between rouble and currency weather areas. The residual principle of distribution of temperatures on the Russian North and Siberia where so there is no sun, heat and vitamins, will prove out and tomorrow: in Uelene in the afternoon - 1 ... - 6 , in Yakutsk - 3 ... - 8 , in Magadan - 5 ... - 10 , in Norilsk - 16 ... - 21 . At the same time, Paris has beaten out to itself +5 ... +10 (also notice - without any precipitations!), London - +8 ... +13 . Even in Stockholm +5 ... +10 and besides without any precipitations. But if concerning the resulted examples it is possible to speak about bungling some other force to do other assumptions: tomorrow in Lisbon +17 ... +22 , in Madrid +16 ... +21 , in Rome +12 ... +17 , in Athenes +15 ... +20 .
the All-weather power has once again undersigned, as we see, in inability to develop a coherent plan of actions, to provide correct arrangement of priorities and to adjust due control over use of national weather property. Consuetudo est altera natura.