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rokery have opened a season

Movement night horsemen in Moscow begins to decline

In the night from Saturday to Sunday Moscow night horsemen have opened at stadium Luzniki a motorcycle season of 1993. The capital State traffic inspectorate and OMON have tried if not to prevent carrying out of this action then to avoid incidents inherent in it. Correspondent DMITRY SEMENOV and press photographer MICHAEL KOVALEV became eyewitnesses of action.

On spent in 21. 00 in Management of GAI meeting the operation problem has been formulated accurately enough: to keep the weapon in readiness, to cut, not to give to break, the main thing - a personal security... . Soon about hundred crews of GAI with support OMON and special motor-division of car inspection on motorcycles of BMW and Ural Mountains have left in area Luzniki . Here revival reigned, and it became clear to us that night horsemen not worse by GAI were prepared for season opening: in 23. 00, as if on command, in hands at rokerov Bengal fires have flashed, crackers and thunder flashes have begun to clap, and from the approached heavy truck began to distribute beer.
soon the cold steel has been withdrawn from some from arrived on opening of a season of motorcyclists, gas ballonchiki and other subjects suitable for drawing of mutilations. In group of the young men dressed in leather jackets were allocated some persons with an inscription on backs on - anglijski Infernal angels . It was found out that it is German and Austrian rokery, arrived to Moscow on season opening. In the face of foreign visitors Moscow rokery showed a class putting motorcycles on racks and braking in several centimetres from spectators.
to two o`clock in the morning the OMON sharply became more active: Having come from the several parties, fighters have tried to disperse rokerov. This operation has crowned success, and to already in 2. 30 the stadium still had only cars of GAI and the bus OMON. Employees of GAI have told to us that present opening of a season has passed very easy . As they said, earlier during similar action at rokerov took away more than twenty anywhere not registered motorcycles, and a command night horsemen it was necessary to exhaust in lateral lanes. rock Ersky movement in Moscow begins to decline - workers of GAI have expressed the opinion.