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The new governor of Sakhalin

the President is appointed has accepted resignation of the governor of Sakhalin

As already informed, at the last session of the Sakhalin country council deputies have approved the nominee of new governor Evgenie Krasnojarova offered by president Boris Yeltsin. The Former head of administration of island Valentine Fedorov in a personal meeting with the president has asked about resignation and work in Moscow has been offered it. Today, as well as it has been declared in number from the April, 3rd, necessary details.

At session of the Sakhalin country council on February, 22nd (wrote about it on February, 24th) deputies discussed a question on the coordination with them of actions of president Yeltsin who has appointed with the governor of island of Valentine Fedorova. Actually, according to observers, deputies have decided to initiate resignation of Fedorova which, in their opinion, the actions broke balance of island economy. In reply to it Feodors has addressed to the president with the request to consider the problem on the resignation. Experts believe that Feodors thus wanted to confirm the powers, but expectations have not justified: in a personal meeting with Fedorovym the president has accepted its resignation and has sent the telegramme with the message on it to the Sakhalin deputies. In the same telegramme the president has suggested the Sakhalin council to co-ordinate appointment of the new governor - Evgenie Krasnojarova.
Despite displeasure of the Sakhalin deputies economic policy of retired Fedorova, the former governor managed to make much: more than 70 % of the enterprises of Sakhalin are privatised, and 93 % of arriving production deliver here private concerns.

Evgenie Krasnojarov, 43 years, the native of the Chita region. Has finished Nahodkinsky seaworthy school and Dalrybvtuz. Worked as the captain on a fishing trawler, the deputy director of association Sahalinrybprom . Since 1988 Headed Russian - the Japanese enterprise Pilenga - Godo . It is awarded by awards of the Labour red banner, October revolution, a silver medal of the Exhibition of achievements of a national economy.