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Yeltsin`s amendments have been made To Clinton scenario

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As to the sensational initiative of Russia to conduct joint tests of the plasma weapon under the SOYA program, that, as well as experts (see for April, 3rd) assumed, Clinton reaction to it was cool: he has only offered to create the commission on cooperation in the field of power and space which, in particular, will contemplate a problem of access of Russia to commercial starts of the American companions.
answering old desire of Russia to cancel restriction by the COOK and Jackson`s notorious amendment - Venika, Clinton has preferred not to connect itself rigid promises. Though has asked the congress to make the list of the laws limiting trade with Russia, and has promised to carry out consultations on this question. It is possible to assume that discussion by the congress of measures on transformation of Russia in the partner equal in rights does not promise to Moscow a fast and favorable outcome. The American manufacturers disturbed by toughening of trading wars with Europe, hardly will be inspired with occurrence of the new competitor.
in political questions the former contenders have reached almost full mutual understanding. They have called Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to return in the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon, have expressed satisfaction signed by the Convention on prohibition of the chemical weapon and Contract SNV - 2. But still it is necessary to these documents ratification process. And if in the congress of the USA of visible opposition it is not present, in the Russian parliament wishing to sadden the consent of two presidents more than enough.