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The policy of Russia on the Balkans

Russia was not possible to incline Serbs to the compromise

On Sunday evening from Belgrad to Moscow the special representative of the president of Russia at negotiations on Bosnia, the deputy minister of foreign affairs Vitaly Tchurkin (on its mission informed on April, 3rd) has returned. During week stay in Yugoslavia it has carried on negotiations with all participants of the conflict in Bosnia, however has not managed to execute the main task - to convince Bosnian Serbs to sign the plan of Vensa - Owen.

the High-ranking employee the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed the correspondent that estimates mission as successful despite of everything as Tchurkin yours faithfully has been accepted by representatives of all interested parties . Nevertheless, refusal of the Bosnian Serbs of the compromise, their Skupshchiny confirmed on April, 2nd with the decision not to sign the plan of Vensa - Owen on the territorial device of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is regarded by many observers as the certificate of a failure of the Russian diplomacy on the Balkans. Experts believe however that results of mission of Tchurkin should be considered in the general context of aversion the Bosnian Serbs of the plan of the international community as a whole. Their leader Radovan Karadzhich (Radovan Karadjic) completely rejects now idea of the international intermediary and calls for direct negotiations with the Muslim party.
according to observers, the West will aspire now to toughening of pressure upon Belgrad, and the first violin in it the USA intend to play. On Sunday the US State Secretary Warren Christopher (Warren Christopher) has declared that against new Yugoslavia prepares an advanced set of sanctions of the United Nations Having noticed that it is necessary for the world community to twist nuts is even stronger as till now in these sanctions there were too many cracks . The state secretary has let know that in case of the next refusal of Serbs of the USA can raise the question about cancellation of embargo on the weapon to the Muslim party. Thus it has expressed hope that before business will not reach, Serbs will concede to pressing of the international community, and the part of this pressing will be made by Russia and the USA .
the Question on toughening of sanctions against new Yugoslavia will be discussed in the United Nations this week. In the meantime the Supreme body of Russia is going to direct to Yugoslavia delegation led by the chairman of Committee on the international affairs by Evgenie Ambartsumovym. In conversation with the correspondent g - n Ambartsumov named sanctions against Belgrad unfair also has noticed that Russia cannot admit unilateral infringement of Serbia . At the same time, as he said, it is impossible to admit, that extremist forces in Serbia have involved Russia in new world war .