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Policy of Russia on the Balkans and

the Argument of the parties concerning the plan of Vensa - Owen, put forward during negotiations with Tchurkin
- Moslems: agree with all points of the plan, but have stipulated possibility of removal of the signature if the plan will be not not approved by the Bosnian Serbs. Consider necessary removal of embargo on weapon delivery to balance forces with Serbs.
- the Bosnian Serbs: without reservations have put signatures under plans of political and military settlement. Consider possible and territorial differentiation by an ethnic principle. However the present project not priemljut from - for unfair section of natural riches, an energy potential, economic objects, transport highways, and also discrepancy to ethnic structure of the population of Bosnia as the considerable part of the Serbian people needlessly remains as minority.
- management SRJU: Declares support of the plan of Vensa - Owen and how much it is possible, tries to influence a position of the Bosnian Serbs. Specifies that in Bosnia interethnic and civil war without participation of Belgrad is conducted, therefore sanctions against it are unfair.