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the City court of St.-Petersburg has pronounced a sentence to Igor Sokolovu, recognising as its guilty of a premeditated murder of two persons and attempt at murder.
originally as motives of the crimes made by Sokolov in business appeared hooligan promptings . Under the version of the investigation, at night on November, 29th, 1991 the accused drank spirits in own apartment in the company of several friends. When vodka has come to an end, Sokolov has given to drinking companions of 100 roubles that they have bought still the spirits. Soon, however, he has forgotten about it and, without having found out money in a wallet, has accused friends of theft. Having become angry, it with a knife has snatched on Vladimir Baldaeva and Victoria Osninu and killed both. Sokolov has put the knife wound also to Sergey Tjulenevu, tried to drag it from Baldaeva and Osninoj. Other participants pjanki have caused militia, and the murderer has been detained on a scene of crime.
During proceeding it was found out that victims have provoked the conflict which has ended for them tragically. It appears, when Sokolov has tried to find out from them where money disappeared, Baldaev has struck his hand, and Osnina - a stool. Considering it and the active help accused to a consequence, the City court of St.-Petersburg has considered possible to keep to Sokolov life and has sentenced it to 15 years of the strengthened mode with serving of the first 5 years in prison.
the Moscow City Court has pronounced a sentence to Igor Beljaevu and Sergey Devjatovu, recognising as their guilty of armed assault and a premeditated murder. Irina Gromova is exposed in robbery, and Michael Avaev and Leonid Telnov - in concealment made by first three condemned crimes.
on an evidence, in January, 1992 Beljaev, Devjatov and Gromova have agreed to plunder apartment of the citizen of republic Bangladesh Matina Bhujana, with which Gromova repeatedly entered intimate relations, and have developed the plan of action. According to it, on January, 21st, 1992 Gromova has arrived on apartment to the foreigner and during a feast poured to it in wine clonidine. When Bhujan has fainted, Gromova has immediately let in apartment Beljaeva and Devjatova, which steels quickly to pack personal things of the victim. Suddenly the owner has regained consciousness and has tried to show resistance to robbers. Then Beljaev and Devjatov have snatched on it and have suffocated brjuchnym a belt. Having collected then the personal things which were in apartment of 560 741 roubles killed for the sum, criminals have called the acquaintance Avaevu. Last has agreed to give the car for export of a corpse. The body of Bhujana has been hidden by criminals in a large forest Butovo, they were helped by local resident Telnov who as compensation for services took to itself a leather jacket of Bhujana. Having considered circumstances of cases, the Moscow City Court has sentenced before offenders of Beljaeva and Devjatova to 15 years of a high security of everyone, and Gromovu - by 6 years of a general regime. Avaev has received 3 years of the strengthened mode, and Telnov - 2 years of corrective works, but has been there and then amnestied.

in Moscow City Court business on Vladimir Soldatov`s charge in a premeditated murder made with special cruelty has arrived. Earlier it was we judge for dissolute actions and attempt at the sexual intercourse with the minor.
on materials of the bill of particulars, having released in 1991 from imprisonment places, Soldatov bomzheval, extracting means of subsistence alms gathering on the Vagankovsky cemetery. On July, 15th, 1992 it drank vodka in one of kladbishchenskih crypts in Andrey Ivushkina and Evgenii Pavlovoj`s company, also vagabonds. Having got drunk, Ivushkin has gone on the affairs and Soldatov after its leaving has made with Pavlovoj voluntary sexual intercourse . 50 - summer nishchenka has not satisfied Soldatov and the beginning obscenely to quarrel. The angered vagabond cut with a penknife a throat to the victim, and then has opened to it a thorax, as he said, that to touch heart . Then, having taken a bag killed, Soldatov has disappeared from a scene of crime. In ten days he has been detained by police officers and at once has confessed in murder fulfilment.
in Moscow City Court business on Vladimir Brelina`s charge in attempt at infringement of rules about currency transactions has arrived.
on an evidence, Brelin in 1991 has already been condemned for a similar crime to conditional term of punishment. On April, 9th, 1992, it, in infringement the Law of the USSR on currency regulation establishing that sale of currency values in territory of the country is an exclusive right of the state bank at restaurant Uzbekistan has agreed with an unstated consequence the person about sale of an ingot of a palladium 990 - j tests it is powerful 58 grammes. Having made sure of quality of the goods and having agreed with the seller about the price, the buyer has asked Brelina to wait and has gone behind money. The scenes which have become by witnesses of the auction police officers did not begin to wait its arrival and have detained Brelina. Last has refused to give any evidences and as Brelin already was earlier we judge under the same article investigating bodies have considered necessary to take him into custody.