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The Olympic shop

the Olympic committee of Russia has opened has received one more article of incomes

On Saturday in Moscow in known shop of the sports goods the Olympus (Red Presnya, 23) the new shop - Olympic Shop, (FATE) founded by the Russian Olympic committee and the Swiss firm Foodline has opened. Sponsors and suppliers of production Olympic Shop are world famous firms REEBOK and Philips.

Before the opening of shop in its premise has taken place a press - conference on which the president of firm Foodline Slobadan Vrzich, its assistant Patrick Deljariv and the assistant to the president of the Russian Olympic committee Alexander Kozlovsky have acquainted journalists with assortimentov goods Olympic Shop and the mechanism of distribution of profit on their realisation.
By words g - on Kozlovsky, experience of creation of the Olympic shops is adopted by them in the USA where every fifth dollar as a result of activity of these shops arrives in the budget of the Olympic committee. Therefore the most part of profit Olympic Shop will arrive in treasury of the Olympic committee and to go on development of the Olympic movement. On a question - whether were in this connection marketing researches in the Russian market are conducted? - The president of firm Foodline g - n Vrzich has answered negatively: in his opinion, this shop - a drop in the sea of the Russian market .
In the opening day of new shop in section of Swiss firm Foodline there was a wide choice of French wines at the price from $7,5. The cook - kola was on sale on half-dollar, audiocassettes Ampix (90 minutes) cost $1,90, videocassettes Hitex (180 minutes) - $4,50. The goods of sports appointment can be bought in firm REEBOK section where to the opening day have been presented in wide assortment krossovki at the price from $80 to $130 or for roubles at the rate of 830 roubles for one dollar.
negotiations are now carried on for opening this year the Olympic shops in various cities of Russia. Most likely, the first of them will open in Nizhni Novgorod.