Rus News Journal

Column La vie de nuit

Sunday night. To NIGHT SHOW ARLEKINO the colour nine " has driven; wet asphalt . From the swung open door the lady, dressed up in furs has fluttered out. Otsenivajushche having inspected standing nearby Mercedes, Volvo yes BMV, she has indignantly said: Cyril, you look by what cars people go. And we that, worse? A third month on this we drive about . Its companion, having looked down to a dale, has made a helpless gesture and has started something to murmur in the justification. But without wishing to listen further to pity arguments of the gentleman, the lady has distorted shoulders and has gone to an input.
atmosphere of general fun inside reigned. Misters and ladies had a rest after working everyday life, dancing under last hits of Europe and America. With it to them helped as the disk - the jockey, besides for the first dancing could, for the most graceful and for the most artistic steams have been established prizes. Having got excited, misters satisfied thirst with a mug - another of cold beer Tiger, ladies preferred every possible cocktails.
behind one of tables, having leant back in pleasure on a sofa back, enjoyed delights of life of steam. but you look - the mister has said, bringing to lips a cigarette. Goodness knows where from undertaken waiter has got a lighter from a pocket and has allowed to light. saw. And now itself try. it has got a cigarette and as if from - under the earths, the same waiter has grown all and already to the lady has offered a spark. well that is why I at restaurant cannot achieve it from myself from the blockheads? but when the waiter has once again changed an ashtray after the only thing of the stub extinguished in it, already in the end the despaired mister, pining with such service, has called up to itself the waiter and began to be interested in earnings and amounts of works. Having learnt the official rate it, without reflecting, has started to offer the waiter all earthly blessings if only only it has passed to it to work. what for to be ruined, - the waiter has gallantly answered. - Address in tsaritsinsky college, and there to you will pick up the high quality personnel. I and it finished. at this time on a scene there was Sergey Penkin. for the most nice boys and the sexy girls - he has said as a greeting and has straight off deafened all: That you stand shaking, a silver birch... such introduction has very much pleased the companion of the mister, and it has dragged it to dance.
on night street to a cinema the Enthusiast where there is a SHOW the COCKATOO accurately beating off a step, the company of soldiers moved. In such later time it at least was unusual. But doubts were resolved by itself - instead of the automatic machine each soldier bore the birch broom laid up still in an early autumn and a holdall. The bath - in it something is at night. When the company has overtaken a cinema, the command " has sounded; Stand and the Cash - e - in! . Having looked narrowly, it was possible to see that instead of boots at the commander standing black inspectors and from - under an officer raincoat with captain`s epaulets costume trousers look out. The commander has caused out of operation one of soldiers and has appointed its main thing mojdodyrom . Having passed to civil gait, the captain to an input in a cinema has slowly walked. Remained instead of the captain the grandfather has led a company further.
Having thrown off in clothes army regimentals, the captain from the military man has turned in a respectable kind of the mister. In a hall it for a second has stopped, getting used to weak illumination and on - gusarski delaying tips of moustaches, and then has walked to a little table at which very attractive lady sat. Having sat down opposite and gently having kissed the lady, the mister has made the order to the waiter. Neither fast music, nor performance of erotic show, nothing distracted their attention from each other. After a while the mister ruling gesture has called up to itself a disk - the jockey who has reacted very quickly, and something has whispered it on an ear. A minute later from dinamikov slow music has poured down. Under it enamoured long danced... Idyll was broken by accruing footfall of boots behind windows. The mister chertyhnulsja. The long kiss directly in the hall centre Further has followed. Then mister who has again turned back the officer has gone out of doors. There already there was a system rosy-faced after a bath of soldiers. on the left! Step - arsh! and the company together with the officer has gone home. In barracks.