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Businessmen are accused of corruption

by the Vietnamese inspectors have finished interrogations of Russians

the Law enforcement bodies of Vietnam conducting investigation of the facts of corruption in joint Russian - the Vietnamese oil company Vetsovpetro yesterday have finished interrogations of two Russian citizens who were passing in quality of witnesses on business (told about it on February, 20th and on March, 23rd).

Investigation has begun on February, 19th. Vetsovpetro is the major source of a currency gain for Vietnam. In it works more than thousand citizens of the CIS countries two from which (Russians) passed on business as witnesses. A press - the embassy secretary of Russia in Vietnam Konstantin Baykov has informed that the Vietnamese authorities asked witnesses (surnames are not called in the interests of the investigation) not to leave Hanoi before finding-out of circumstances of business. Yesterday the Russian citizens have stopped to give evidences. Inspectors of the Vietnamese law enforcement bodies to them have no claims.