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The head cook of restaurant " is killed; Beijing

the habitue of restaurant

could be on February, 9th the Murderer the head cook of the Moscow restaurant " informed on murder; Beijing
65 - summer Jacob Azovsky. Its corpse, with the connected hands and traces
suffocations, has been found in one of polyclinic offices #175 (Chelyabinsk, 16).
Yesterday the militia left on a trace suspected of murder.

the Employee of criminal investigation department (a surname asked not to name) has told
to the correspondent that, under the version of the investigation, Azov one of habitues of restaurant has killed on soil
aversions. After numerous
interrogations of witnesses, it was possible to inspectors to calculate the suspect. However,
as he said, more detailed disclosure of the information could damage
to investigation. A number of colleagues of the killed hold other opinion: any who wanted to take its place (it could be interested in death
Azov while
is vacant). Will return to this business on March, 27th when the consequence will collect
proofs for detention of the suspect.