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Session of the commission of the United Nations on drugs

Experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and MBR have ahead of schedule returned to Moscow

Yesterday from Vienna the deputy chief of department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on a drug trafficking Nikolay Osipov has arrived. He participated in work of the Russian delegation on 36 - j sessions of the Commission of the United Nations on drugs (on its beginning informed on March, 30th).

From 4 persons, entering into the Russian delegation, two had to leave ahead of schedule session of the United Nations because of shortage of currency at departments sending them. They are employees of the Russian Ministries of Internal Affairs and MBR Osipov and Kolomin. In Vienna there was an employee the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the chairman of the Russian standing committee on control over drugs.
these days the commission should prepare for session of General Assembly of the United Nations the resolution on a global state of affairs in drug trafficking sphere. Presumably, the commission will develop specific proposals on restraint of growth of narcothreat. But in discussion of these documents the Russian professionals on struggle against narcobusiness of participation will not accept.
however, according to Nikolay Osipov, some days spent among colleagues from 135 countries, had huge value for the further development of international contacts. G - n Osipov has added that the western neighbours well represent the size east threat . Therefore joint efforts will be directed on restraint of growth of narcocriminality in the CIS countries and the Eastern Europe. About official results of session will tell on April, 13th, after returning of other participants of delegation of Russia.