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New exhibitions in Moscow

Gelman`s Gallery has artly reflected congress

In passed uik - end in the Central House of the artist the group exhibition of 20 Moscow artists " has opened; to VII congress of People`s Deputies of Russia it is devoted . All known genres are presented To expositions in the modern art: installations, painting, a sculpture, a drawing, a photo, video - art. The exhibition prepared by gallery of Gelman with assistance of DIAM - Bank, has caused a great interest in the art public.

the Idea of this exhibition has arisen at Marata Gelman in December, 1992, during VII congress of People`s Deputies of Russia. Besides, according to the author of the project, Russian art has always been politized. And to carrying out it is concrete this exhibition as has informed the correspondent g - n Gelman, it Has induced concern a situation in the country and obvious feebleness of politicians .
Organizers have specially chosen for an exhibition a hall through passage on the second floor of the Central House of the artist - that each visitor TSDH became its spectator. Exhibition opening was accompanied by the action Mercy which main characters of a steel beggars from the Moscow streets. The works created as on the basis of materials of congress, and the works close on subjects are included in an exposition. For example, the author made a noise the animalistic project in gallery Ridzhina Oleg Kulik has presented Michael Gorbachev`s huge glass sculpture. And Yury Lejderman, remembering, what resonance in a society was caused by murder of a pig during time the animalistic project the installation has devoted to the death penalty confirmed by congress of People`s Deputies without any excesses.
According to experts, organizers of an exhibition were guided in the project by the direct political statement in the spirit of modern American art. In spite of the fact that as a whole the exposition has rather conditional relation to a policy, its separate works seem amusing and can draw attention of the spectator. The exhibition will last till April, 12th.