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The exhibition of the jeweller industry

Has passed the first large fair of the Russian semi-precious stones

the Russian private jeweller firms Created in last years aspire to adjust international contacts and to declare itself in the world market - including in the market of semiprecious stones. Traditional art of processing of the Russian semi-precious stones, presented to a past week-end in the All-Russia exhibition centre (fair of colour stones Bright disorder firms Gemma ) The attention of experts has drawn.

various classifications of precious and semiprecious stones according to which are allocated Are known some: a class of jewels (brilliants, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, alexandrite), and also 4 - 5 classes semiprecious - bright and podelochnyh - stones. The statistics on extraction and export of ornamental stones to Russia is not conducted. Some of the Russian semi-precious stones - charoit, malachite, an Orsk jasper, hematite, green quartzite, amazonit - possess exclusive qualities, and the history of their processing is estimated in centuries.

the central pavilion of the All-Russia exhibition centre (byvsh. VDNH), where trading firm Gemma rents a premise for the jeweller salon, for two days of work of fair Bright disorder has visited 7 thousand judges. About 200 various firms from Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland, Czechia, and Bulgaria has presented to Hungary at fair collection minerals, jeweller stones of various classes and an ornament. However the exhibition basis was made by production of the Russian firms specialising on ornamental stones. Stones and ornaments could be bought - trade in rather inexpensive ornaments went smartly. An exhibition in the Central pavilion representatives of jeweller firms of the USA have visited, Germany, Italy. By estimations of experts, the total sum of the transactions concluded at fair, has made about 100 million rbl.
the First attempts of an exit of the Russian suppliers on the world market of semiprecious stones have begun rather recently - with occurrence negosudarstvennogo economy (accordingly, and commercial jeweller firms) - 5 - 6 years ago. Before from the USSR production of the Ekaterinburg jeweller factory " small in lots was exported; the Stone flower . Now, when export possibilities in Russia have considerably extended, competitiveness of the Russian semi-precious stones in the world market is provided - in spite of the fact that some types of the ornamental stones extracted in developing countries (for example, Zaire malachite), are offered at lower prices.

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