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Court over the trade-union leader

the Office of Public Prosecutor has not had time to interrogate witnesses

Since December, 1992 regularly tells about an investigation of the case of the chairman of independent trade union of mine Vorgashorsky (Vorkuta) Ivan Guridova. Business on charge in slander has been raised against it under the statement of the head of administration of mine Peter Ermakova. Guridov earlier accused Ermakova of disorder of affairs on mine, and also in the organisation of murder of one of workers Vorgashorsky . On March, 4th informed that the court has returned materials on supplementary examination. Yesterday they should be transferred in court. However the public prosecutor of Vorkuta has prolonged a term of investigation for a month.

the assistant to the public prosecutor Lyudmila Lyalin so has explained the reasons of prolongation of a consequence: on business pass hundreds witnesses, the Office of Public Prosecutor till April, 5th has not had time to interrogate all and hardly it will make even in a month . Besides there were new facts against Guridova, demanding checks. To this business will return on May, 6th when results of supplementary examination become known.