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Oligarchs will enter uskorenno, but gradually

RSPP has discussed accession to WTO
Yesterday board RSPP bureau has gathered for session for preparation for a meeting coming on November, 23rd with Vladimir Putin. The main things that was two: how to make Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization advantageous for the Russian industry and whether it is necessary to accept the code of corporate governance developed by Federal Commission on Securities.
yesterday`s session of bureau RSPP has been spent one week prior to the meeting of the president planned for November, 23rd with oligarchs. That Vladimir Putin while in accuracy it is not known wants to discuss with representatives RSPP. In RSPP not against to members of the union have consulted about external economic policy (VEP) and about a role business - communities in the course of globalisation. Accession to WTO and norms of corporate governance just concern and area VEP, and to problems of occurrence of the Russian business in the international business community.
How to access to WTO - uskorenno as Herman Gref (by January, 1st, 2004 offers), or once again to estimate, what branches of the Russian industry will be ruined after decrease in import duties, in RSPP till yesterday could not decide (that solved yesterday at conference the WTO, see p. 4). The general director of Open Society Severstal and the chairman of working group RSPP on Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization Alexey Mordashov, and also the general director of Open Society Incorporated machine-building factories Kaha Bendukidze initially supported unconditional accession to WTO. Yesterday mister Mordashov has once again underlined that the destiny of all Russian industry cannot depend on destiny of one - two branches .
Differently, mister Mordashov as the supporter of the accelerated accession to WTO is ready to offer business of the colleagues on RSPP, for example, car industry. However, Alexey Mordashov and itself has become recently the automagnate as has got Zavolzhsky motor factory and the Ulyanovsk automobile. But he counts that after Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization liquidation of antidumping barriers before production Severstal to the USA and EU compensates its losses in a car business.
other oligarchs, for example the general director of Open Society Russian aluminium Oleg Deripaska, always called for care at accession to WTO. To begin with, in its opinion, it is necessary to count all positive and negative consequences. According to one more participant of discussion, head Interros Vladimir Potanin, for Russia accession to WTO - a question strategic . Russia, in its opinion, should use the favorable possibilities which have developed after September, 11th . However and mister Potanin underlines that There can not be a speech about any discrimination conditions, for example, about preliminary change of laws . In general, misters Potanin and Mordashov believe that the Russian industry within the limits of the WTO becomes more competitive, and the government should think of social consequences.
the total resolution of bureau RSPP has not revealed winners. In it there are passages both in favour of Potanin`s misters and Mordashova, and in favour of mister Deripaska. Resolution conclusions should reconcile supporters of the accelerated and gradual occurrence in the WTO. Anybody among oligarchs and even among members of the government not against to provide the maximum openness of negotiating process and also to spend the careful analysis of consequences of joining to the WTO on branches and regions with attraction of independent experts . Not casually press - Oleg Deripaska Roman Zhuk`s secretary has characterised the yesterday`s resolution of bureau RSPP as On 99 % consisting of offers ` Sibala ` .
Having exchanged pricks concerning the WTO, oligarchs have put up an united front against the chairman of Federal Commission on Securities Igor Kostikov. Its code of corporate governance has not caused sharp counteraction: to involve foreign investors, oligarchs are ready to open to shareholders of secret of the business. However oligarchs have rejected Federal Commission on Securities attempt to become the unique arbitrator on following to norms of corporate governance. For example, Vladimir Potanin, and also the head of department of intercorporate relations RSPP Nikolay Ostarkov insisted that norms of the corporate code should carry recommendatory, instead of a binding character . That is corporations should solve, they can execute what norms, and what are not present. But thus will publicly declare it. And the main thing, a divergence from Federal Commission on Securities were caused by a question on the one who will be the judge. Under the offer of mister Kostikov to define, who has broken rules of the corporate code and who is not present, owe Federal Commission on Securities advisory council. Oligarchs have offered the variant - supervisory board creation where will enter both representatives of Federal Commission on Securities, and representatives RSPP. It will be public, instead of a state structure which should put down marks of reliability and efficiency of the enterprises following the code of corporate governance.