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Bank game at retail

Until recently banks were perceived by the population as self-sufficient institutes. The majority of clients were satisfied with classical bank services, for example placing of means on the depositary account. However today banks are even more often used by clients as the intermediary for access on different segments of the financial market. Popularity of broker services of the Russian banks at domestic investors grows every day. The reason is covered in a diversification of activity of banks, their high reliability and a wide spectrum of services given by them.

the share patience
Occurs opinion that the investors using banks in the financial market, differ extreme conservatism. Rigid legal regulation and high level of bureaucratism in the credit organisations at first sight increases time of carrying out of operations in the market at the expense of risk decrease. Hence, the player which purpose to earn is as much as possible money for the smaller period, will prefer to bank the investment company or other intermediary through which to work easier and more conveniently.
However, recently this thesis is exposed to the increasing doubts. In - the first, in struggle for the client banks aspire to expand a spectrum of the services essentially. In - the second, presence of the bank licence allows the credit organisations simultaneously with execution of transactions to operate accounts clients that actually reduces time costs.
today among clients services of banks in stock market use the greatest popularity. By means of banks clients can get actions of the Russian emitters, bonds and derivatives on them tools. For this purpose it is enough to open the settlement account in bank, to place on it $5 - 10 thousand and then to give the order to managers about purchase or sale of the pleasant actions. At the present growing market enclosed in the beginning of year of means would bring to clients of bank more than 80 % in currency (considering on RTS index).
Considerably to increase this income granting by banks marzhinalnyh credits allows. On the security of securities the bank gives out the credit with a shoulder, in two - three times exceeding the pledge sum. This condition raises volume of a prize in case of favorable market condition. But in case of a market turn that occurs quite often, can result and in fast loss of the enclosed means. However, the inflow which has outlined now from - for a boundary increases its capitalisation by the Russian market of fresh means and promises to investors additional benefits.
the serious competition to banks here is made by the investment companies for which work in stock market frequently is an activity principal view. Nevertheless banks have before them a number of advantages. In - the first, they in tens times surpass investment companies in the sizes of own capital so, with them to work more safely. In - the second, activity of banks more diversifitsirovana that reduces level of market risks for their clients. In addition to it banks offer wider set of services to the clients. First of all it concerns is settlement - cash service on operations with any kinds of securities nominated both in roubles, and in foreign currency. Realisation of calculations in the same bank which performs operation, allows its client to increase speed of the transaction. Besides, it gives the chance to clients to shift the means, for example, from the currency market on share within one day. The investment company carries out such operation only next days.
banks have advantages and in the market of services marzhinalnogo crediting. The investment companies after toughening of Federal Commission on Securities of regulation of this market have sharply lowered volume of similar operations. The commission, having limited the size of the credit for purchase of securities, has made this service unprofitable that has provoked outflow of clients from investment companies. At the same time banks can give usual credits which, as a matter of fact, are marzhinalnymi.
the Credit organisations actively give today to private clients and services the Internet - trading. That, however, it is no wonder, after all banks the first in Russia have started to introduce systems of remote access. The Internet - trading allows the client distantsionno to operate the account and in parallel to make operations in the financial market. Among the banks, rendering this service, Guta - bank, Rosbank, Fundamentbank are most appreciable.
And at last, only banks are capable to develop optimum schemes of investment in currency tools (eurobonds, ADR, GDR) as only they possess the licence of the Central Bank for realisation of currency transactions. And if actions of the western companies are not in great demand yet at Russians orders for purchase ADR of the domestic companies, according to some information, have increased for last months in three - five times.

a currency roulette
However, on reached banks do not stop. Today they actively suggest the client to try the forces on one segment of the financial market. It is a question about forex (from English foreign exchange market). Operations on it are for today the most risky, but potentially and the most profitable. Daily turns on it make $1 - 3 bln. Is quoted about hundred currencies, but the cores - no more than ten: The American dollar, euro, yen, English pound, the Swiss franc and some other European currencies. Trade is carried out round the clock worldwide in hundreds banks simultaneously - by phone and through computer terminals. Among the largest Russian banks, rendering similar services, - Guta - bank, Alpha bank, MDM - bank.
traditionally banks operate in this market with the sums of millions monetary units, however for the clients do also an exception. Therefore for an exit on the market than $10 thousand, and at times is required usually no more and it is less - $2 - 3 thousand These means are accepted as the insurance deposit under which pledge banks finance the clients. Thus the credit shoulder can surpass the deposit in 50 - 100 times, however severe constraints of granting of a credit shoulder allow banks to avoid losses. Unlike clients. In case of the guessed movement of courses of the chosen currency the income for the granted sum can reach 1000 % a day. But with the same probability the client can and lose the money. Any of the interrogated respondents has not remembered a case that it or its acquaintances won in this market. Therefore not so it is a lot of constant players, the majority works before the first big loss.
bank managers persistently dissuade beginners to be engaged in this kind of business (opinions of bankers see). Meanwhile the number of the interested forex continues to increase. The reason for that became sharply raised volatilnost the currency market from - for the increased political instability. Recent events in the USA have shown once again it - relative changes of exchange rates reached 1 - 2 % for a day.
nevertheless the market gain occurs. Basically at the expense of the large players, ready to invest in these operations of hundred thousand dollars. As a rule, such players are the former managers of banks or the investment companies. Their chances of a prize much above, than at beginning players, as at them behind shoulders long-term experience in the world financial markets.