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Plastic loans

the General growth of the Russian economy was positively reflected and in the market of plastic cards. The basic indicators of this market in comparison with autumn of last year have grown more than half. Now the market develops basically at the expense of salary projects. However more and more banks declare the beginning of consumer crediting through plastic cards. And it already essentially new quality of a product which thanks to salary projects became habitual for Russians.

for last year in the Russian market of plastic cards there was very serious growth. So, the turn on cards Visa in Russia has grown in comparison with autumn of last year almost in 2,5 times. And the quantity of cash dispenses and POS - the terminals accepting cards of payment system Europay, for last year has increased twice. According to the head of Russian representation Europay Int. Andrey Koroleva, growth goes basically at the expense of salary projects. It is solidary with it and the head of Russian representation VISA Int. Lu Naumovsky. growth of issue of cards goes basically at the expense of salary cards Visa Electron. For a year it has made about 60 % - he has told. Until recently the basic gain of cards Visa and Europay gave large Moscow and sankt - the Petersburg banks. However, according to Lu Naumovsky, for last six months and the tendency of increase in release of cards was outlined in regions.
It turns out that in Russia the engine of the market of plastic cards are salary projects. However thanking it not only issue of cards grows, but also new products move ahead on the market. So, in the near future in the Chelyabinsk area the Avtobank intends to realise two salary projects on chipovyh cards Visa. On a basis chipovyh cards Visa intend to realise the salary project and Rosbank on Norilsk nickel . And according to Andrey Koroleva, in the near future within the limits of the joint project with STB - Card the first will be let out also in Russia chipovye cards of payment system Europay.
One more example of advancement of a new product - the project the Card of the Muscovite . The Moscow authorities have begun it on the basis of contactless metropolitenovskih cards with the radio chip to which the magnetic strip has been added. It was initially supposed that this card will be local. However now the Bank of Moscow participating in realisation of the project, carries on negotiations with payment systems VISA Int. And Europay Int. Making this card international. And it, in turn, can give serious inflow of issue.
however, improving statistics of banks, salary projects do not bring it serious profit. Earn banks on - former on ekvajringe (service of cards in shops and cash dispenses). In this connection increase twice quantities POS - the terminals accepting cards Europay, - a good indicator of growth of plastic cards in Russia as business, instead of as additional service.
However, one of the most serious problems in this sector of the market still has a dumping from the banks which are not considering plastic cards as independent business. Change a situation the company uniting the largest banks, serving shops could uniform ekvajringovaja. About intention to create such company the banks serving cards Europay, have declared in February. It was supposed that till the end of the year the company will earn. However now in connection with change of owners in Avtobank and Ekspobanke initially participating in creation uniform ekvajringovoj of the company, prospect of last remain foggy.
however, development by the Russian banks of credit cards can become the present push for development of the market of plastic cards. They actually are one of variants of consumer crediting. And it is obvious that such cards will use the raised demand among the population which have been not spoilt by bank credits.
until recently in Russia credit cards for the population were let out only by Deltabank (for corporate clients such products let out many banks). But it yet did not manage to make this service mass. The project on release of credit cards of bank " has appeared more successful; the Russian standard . Now in Russia it is the leader in this sector of the market. Start of the program of credit cards declared banks the Absolute and Russian banking house . To be engaged in consumer crediting through release of credit cards intend in the near future and Impeksbank.
the international payment systems are ready to help with development of credit card products to the Russian banks. So, the senior manager Europay Int. Across the Eastern Europe Tony Fekete (Tony Fekete), recently visited Moscow, has declared that the emphasis in development of card programs in Russia will become in the near future on release of credit cards. And as he said, for this purpose Europay it is ready to give to the Russian banks all necessary consulting help.