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In an eurozone of special attention

On complexity and privacy the action of introduction of the uniform European currency, already named D - Day, compare to operation on disembarkation of allies in Normandy in 1944.
by December, 31st it will be ready to use about 32 million banknotes and 1,6 mlrd coins. Their delivery in all corners of 12 member countries of an eurozone has appeared business uneasy. In France of 150 thousand soldiers and policemen protect armour trucks and the trains carrying on banks and 30 thousand shops t banknotes and coins for a total sum in $45 billion Coin of euro are minted in Bordeaux and then go to 81 storehouse. Usually it is military bases. Then the security enterprises forward them on own bases, and therefrom - in ten thousand banks and shops on all country.
in Germany transition period expenses will be above, than it was supposed, in particular, from - for complexities with transportation. According to the European federation of bookkeepers (FEE), insurers have already raised or in the price for services in insurance of risks of a transition period are going to rise. Some in general refuse these services from - for the big losses already suffered in the first half of the year. So, on September, 6th, the operation beginnings the day before on razvozu new currency on the eurozone countries, in the city of Gisene in the central Germany the truck with new money has been grasped. Robbers managed to disappear from 1,2 million euro and DM300 thousand
Similar incident has happened and in Italy. On September, 23rd well armed gangsters have attacked post storehouse in Bari in southern Italy and some millions euro have disappeared with bags of coins for the sum. The police has arrived within two minutes, having prevented attacking to take away even more. However to detain criminals it was not possible: they have left from a pursuit, having showered road with thorns.
the stolen money already goes across Europe. So, on September, 29th in small town Venlo on jugo - the east of Holland, near to German border, the buyer has paid a banknote in 5 euros for I will flash in shop of fishing accessories. Since then in vicinities of Venlo similar cases have been registered some more. The police assumes that money has come from Germany where has been stolen spetsgruz.
Other source illegal for the present circulations of new currency can be the financial institutions, already started to receive new currency. Banks and shops were obliged not to use the stocks of euro to the official beginning of a transition period. However, probably, someone has not constrained a word. So, the director of one of elementary schools in Belgium managed to buy a new coin on mail.
and counterfeiters have already started to produce counterfeit euros. The European central bank in attempt to warn a crime does not open a detail of design of coins and banknotes, and also their levels of protection, for example feature of watermarks and safety threads. But to criminals it does not stir, and here that people do not know how new money looks, does euro very vulnerable. ETSB advises to feel, examine and twirl new banknotes as they are made of a cotton paper with the special surface, separate details are printed boldly, and the hologramme and a paint on banknotes of the big advantage change colour depending on an illumination corner.
even in Great Britain which does not pass to euro, the police warns the population about possibility moshennichestv with new currency. After all many big shops, for example Marks and Spencer, located in the popular tourist centres, such as London Vest - end or Shakespearean small town Stratford on Avon, will accept new currency. In this connection the British special service National Criminal Intelligent Service warns about money-laundering attempts, about emission of forgeries, swindle, naming the period of transition to euro revelry of cash .