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Europe of a transition period

In Europe preparation for introduction of cash euro proceeds a year. However this procedure hardly will pass smoothly.
cash euros can be received through cash dispenses or in exchange offices. In an eurozone lives about 300 million persons, and many of them will get acquainted for the first time with new currency through cash dispenses. On 200 thousand cars in 12 countries of an eurozone it is necessary about 90 % of all banknotes. According to EU, the majority of cash dispenses will be ready by January, 13th. But in Germany, Austria and Belgium cars will start to work with euro already in the first day of transition. However despite the measures taken by banks, from - for huge expected demand in the first days of new year shortage of cash is possible.
as delivery in shops will be given only in euro, errors are inevitable at calculations. And dealers hardly will resist a temptation to use sumjatitsej and to rise in the price or to approximate them to own advantage. Turns will be direct result of all of it, according to Christopher Metjusa (Christopher Matthews), the representative of EU in New York.
however, representatives of the big trading firms have made the promise not to rise in the price to cover the costs. Nevertheless the probability of it remains. The minister of business and employment of Ireland Tom Kitt (Tom Kitt) in the middle of October even has urged buyers to boycott dealers who will try to make profit of difficulties of a transition period.
there will be a confusion and with use by a miscellaneous of financial tools. Though in 12 countries the uniform currency is entered, in operation remain 12 various bank systems. Therefore checks for each country should be used separately. For example, the French eurochecks are represented for payment only to France, and German - only to Germany.
to prevent manufacturing of false euros, the European authorities have forbidden their premature distribution among the population. But as a result people simply will not have time to get used to new means of calculations. For example, the majority of Europeans have got used to that a considerable quantity of zero on banknotes does not mean their big cost: the banknote is equal in 10 thousand Italian liras less than 5 euros. To facilitate accustoming, banks already in the middle of December will start to sell small coins of euro. However, according to some researches, it will help a little, as many Europeans psychologically are not ready to transition. For example, according to the research spent Suomen Gallup by request of bank group Nordea, in Finland, the unique country in Northern Europe which passes to euro, the population is afraid of that cannot understand at once value of this or that banknote or a coin, to distinguish banknotes of different advantages and to define forgeries.
From its part the governments take measures on population preparation. The Italian government has developed some such programs. In Tuscany, for example, from November till February there will go special buses in which salon information centres where citizens can address with all questions on an exchange of money will take place. Except an euromobile Italians are offered to use multichannel a green line . Having dialled telephone number, it will be possible to receive consultation of experts. At last, on December, 12th in Italy will pass Euro Day - it is sports - an entertaining holiday in which course popular actors will advertise uniform currency.
similar measures are accepted and in France. CD - Rom " Here has gone on sale; Penser euro ( Think of euro ) . Having paid 29 euros, the buyer of a disk will receive the information on courses of different currencies of the world in relation to euro, addresses of exchange offices and banks, rules of an exchange of euro and learns many other facts connected with new currency.